Psalm 81: Against Unjust Rulers. Prayer For God's Justice

Psalm 81: Against Unjust Rulers. Prayer For God’s Justice.

God’s judgement against unjust judges and rulers. The Lord has found them partial, unfair and oppressive. They have used their power to crush the helpless and innocent, and to help powerful and the wicked.

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{81:1} Psalmus Asaph. Deus stetit in synagoga deorum: in medio autem deos diiudicat.
{81:1} A Psalm of Asaph. God has stood in the synagogue of gods, but, in their midst, he decides between gods.

{81:2} Usquequo iudicatis iniquitatem: et facies peccatorum sumitis?
{81:2} How long will you judge unjustly and favor the faces of sinners?

{81:3} Iudicate egeno, et pupillo: humilem, et pauperem iustificate.
{81:3} Judge for the indigent and the orphan. Do justice to the humble and the poor.

{81:4} Eripite pauperem: et egenum de manu peccatoris liberate.
{81:4} Rescue the poor, and free the needy from the hand of the sinner.

{81:5} Nescierunt, neque intellexerunt, in tenebris ambulant: movebuntur omnia fundamenta terræ.
{81:5} They did not know and did not understand. They wander in darkness. All the foundations of the earth will be moved.

{81:6} Ego dixi: dii estis, et filii excelsi omnes.
{81:6} I said: You are gods, and all of you are sons of the Most High.

{81:7} Vos autem sicut homines moriemini: et sicut unus de principibus cadetis.
{81:7} But you will die like men, and you will fall just like one of the princes.

{81:8} Surge Deus, iudica terram: quoniam tu hereditabis in omnibus gentibus.
{81:8} Rise up, O God. Judge the earth. For you will inherit it with all the nations.

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