Psalm 103: Praise The Creator. For Acknowledging The Glory Of God.

Psalm 103: Praise The Creator. For Acknowledging The Glory Of God.

Hymn in praise of creation. From the contemplation of the world the psalmist is filled with admiration for the majesty and wisdom of God manifested everywhere in his works.

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{103:1} Ipsi David. Benedic anima mea Domino: Domine Deus meus magnificatus es vehementer. Confessionem, et decorem induisti:
{103:1} To David himself. Bless the Lord, O my soul. O Lord my God, you are exceedingly great. You have clothed yourself with confession and beauty;

{103:2} amictus lumine sicut vestimento: Extendens cælum sicut pellem:
{103:2} you are dressed with light like a garment, while you stretch out heaven like a tent.

{103:3} qui tegis aquis superiora eius. Qui ponis nubem ascensum tuum: qui ambulas super pennas ventorum.
{103:3} You cover its heights with water. You set the clouds as your stairs. You walk upon the wings of the winds.

{103:4} Qui facis angelos tuos, spiritus: et ministros tuos ignem urentem.
{103:4} You make your Angels a breath of life, and your ministers a burning fire.

{103:5} Qui fundasti terram super stabilitatem suam: non inclinabitur in sæculum sæculi.
{103:5} You founded the earth upon its stable base. It will not be bent from age to age.

{103:6} Abyssus, sicut vestimentum, amictus eius: super montes stabunt aquæ.
{103:6} The abyss, like a garment, is its clothing. The waters will remain standing above the mountains.

{103:7} Ab increpatione tua fugient: a voce tonitrui tui formidabunt.
{103:7} At your rebuke, they will flee. At the voice of your thunder, they will dread.

{103:8} Ascendunt montes: et descendunt campi in locum, quem fundasti eis.
{103:8} The mountains ascend, and the plains descend, to the place which you have founded for them.

{103:9} Terminum posuisti, quem non transgredientur: neque convertentur operire terram.
{103:9} You have set a limit that they will not cross. And they will not return to cover the earth.

{103:10} Qui emittis fontes in convallibus: inter medium montium pertransibunt aquæ.
{103:10} You spring forth fountains in steep valleys. The waters will cross through the midst of the mountains.

{103:11} Potabunt omnes bestiæ agri: expectabunt onagri in siti sua.
{103:11} All the wild beasts of the field will drink. The wild donkeys will anticipate in their thirst.

{103:12} Super ea volucres cæli habitabunt: de medio petrarum dabunt voces.
{103:12} Above them, the flying things of the air will dwell. From the midst of the rocks, they will utter voices.

{103:13} Rigans montes de superioribus suis: de fructu operum tuorum satiabitur terra:
{103:13} You irrigate the mountains from your heights. The earth will be satiated from the fruit of your works,

{103:14} Producens fœnum iumentis, et herbam servituti hominum: Ut educas panem de terra:
{103:14} producing grass for cattle and herbs for the service of men. So may you draw bread from the earth,

{103:15} et vinum lætificet cor hominis: Ut exhilaret faciem in oleo: et panis cor hominis confirmet.
{103:15} and wine, in order to cheer the heart of man. Then he may gladden his face with oil, and bread will confirm the heart of man.

{103:16} Saturabuntur ligna campi, et cedri Libani, quas plantavit:
{103:16} The trees of the field will be saturated, along with the cedars of Lebanon, which he planted.

{103:17} illic passeres nidificabunt. Herodii domus dux est eorum:
{103:17} There, the sparrows will make their nests. The leader of them is the house of the heron.

{103:18} montes excelsi cervis: petra refugium herinaciis.
{103:18} The heights of the hills are for the deer; the rock is a refuge for the hedgehog.

{103:19} Fecit lunam in tempora: sol cognovit occasum suum.
{103:19} He has made the moon for seasons; the sun knows its setting.

{103:20} Posuisti tenebras, et facta est nox: in ipsa pertransibunt omnes bestiæ silvæ.
{103:20} You appointed darkness, and it has become night; all the beasts of the forest will cross through it.

{103:21} Catuli leonum rugientes, ut rapiant, et quærant a Deo escam sibi.
{103:21} The young lions will roar, while searching for and seizing their meal from God.

{103:22} Ortus est sol, et congregati sunt: et in cubilibus suis collocabuntur.
{103:22} The sun arose, and they were gathered together; and in their dens, they will lie down together.

{103:23} Exibit homo ad opus suum: et ad operationem suam usque ad vesperum.
{103:23} Man will go forth to his work and to his activities, until the evening.

{103:24} Quam magnificata sunt opera tua Domine! omnia in sapientia fecisti: impleta est terra possessione tua.
{103:24} How great are your works, O Lord! You have made all things in wisdom. The earth has been filled with your possessions.

{103:25} Hoc mare magnum, et spatiosum manibus: illic reptilia, quorum non est numerus. Animalia pusilla cum magnis:
{103:25} This sea is great and its hands are spacious. There are creeping things without number: the small animals with the great.

{103:26} illic naves pertransibunt. Draco iste, quem formasti ad illudendum ei:
{103:26} There, the ships will pass by this sea-serpent that you have formed to mock them.

{103:27} omnia a te expectant ut des illis escam in tempore.
{103:27} All these expect you to give them food in due time.

{103:28} Dante te illis, colligent: aperiente te manum tuam, omnia implebuntur bonitate.
{103:28} What you give to them, they will gather. When you open your hand, they will all be filled with goodness.

{103:29} Avertente autem te faciem, turbabuntur: auferes spiritum eorum, et deficient, et in pulverem suum revertentur.
{103:29} But if you turn your face away, they will be disturbed. You will take away their breath, and they will fail, and they will return to their dust.

{103:30} Emittes Spiritum tuum, et creabuntur: et renovabis faciem terræ.
{103:30} You will send forth your Spirit, and they will be created. And you will renew the face of the earth.

{103:31} Sit gloria Domini in sæculum: lætabitur Dominus in operibus suis:
{103:31} May the glory of the Lord be for all ages. The Lord will rejoice in his works.

{103:32} Qui respicit terram, et facit eam tremere: qui tangit montes, et fumigant.
{103:32} He considers the earth, and he makes it tremble. He touches the mountains, and they smoke.

{103:33} Cantabo Domino in vita mea: psallam Deo meo quamdiu sum.
{103:33} I will sing to the Lord with my life. I will sing psalms to my God, as long as I am.

{103:34} Iucundum sit ei eloquium meum: ego vero delectabor in Domino.
{103:34} May my speech be pleasing to him. Truly, I will take delight in the Lord.

{103:35} Deficiant peccatores a terra, et iniqui ita ut non sint: benedic anima mea Domino.
{103:35} Let sinners fade away from the earth, along with the unjust, so that they may not be. Bless the Lord, O my soul.

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