Psalm 105: Israel's Ingratitude. For Those Inclined To Forget

Psalm 105: Israel’s Ingratitude. For Those Inclined to Forget.

Ingratitude of Israel towards God. In all her history she has repeatedly rebelled against God stubbornly refusing to put her trust in him; therefore she is chastised by him.

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{105:1} Alleluia. Confitemini Domino quoniam bonus: quoniam in sæculum misericordia eius.
{105:1} Alleluia. Confess to the Lord, for he is good, for his mercy is with every generation.

{105:2} Quis loquetur potentias Domini, auditas faciet omnes laudes eius?
{105:2} Who will declare the powers of the Lord? Who make a hearing for all his praises?

{105:3} Beati, qui custodiunt iudicium, et faciunt iustitiam in omni tempore.
{105:3} Blessed are those who keep judgment and who do justice at all times.

{105:4} Memento nostri Domine in beneplacito populi tui: visita nos in salutari tuo:
{105:4} Remember us, O Lord, with good will for your people. Visit us with your salvation,

{105:5} Ad videndum in bonitate electorum tuorum, ad lætandum in lætitia gentis tuæ: ut lauderis cum hereditate tua.
{105:5} so that we may see the goodness of your elect, so that we may rejoice in the joy of your nation, so that you may be praised along with your inheritance.

{105:6} Peccavimus cum patribus nostris: iniuste egimus, iniquitatem fecimus.
{105:6} We have sinned, as have our fathers. We have acted unjustly; we have wrought iniquity.

{105:7} Patres nostri in Ægypto non intellexerunt mirabilia tua: non fuerunt memores multitudinis misericordiæ tuæ. Et irritaverunt ascendentes in mare, Mare Rubrum.
{105:7} Our fathers did not understand your miracles in Egypt. They did not remember the multitude of your mercies. And they provoked you, while going up to the sea, even the Red Sea.

{105:8} Et salvavit eos propter nomen suum: ut notam faceret potentiam suam.
{105:8} And he saved them for the sake of his name, so that he might make known his power.

{105:9} Et increpuit Mare Rubrum, et exiccatum est: et deduxit eos in abyssis sicut in deserto.
{105:9} And he rebuked the Red Sea, and it dried up. And he led them into the abyss, as if into a desert.

{105:10} Et salvavit eos de manu odientium: et redemit eos de manu inimici.
{105:10} And he saved them from the hand of those who hated them. And he redeemed them from the hand of the enemy.

{105:11} Et operuit aqua tribulantes eos: unus ex eis non remansit.
{105:11} And the water covered those who troubled them. Not one of them remained.

{105:12} Et crediderunt verbis eius: et laudaverunt laudem eius.
{105:12} And they believed his words, and they sang his praises.

{105:13} Cito fecerunt, obliti sunt operum eius: et non sustinuerunt consilium eius.
{105:13} As soon as they had finished, they forgot his works, and they would not endure his counsel.

{105:14} Et concupierunt concupiscentiam in deserto: et tentaverunt Deum in inaquoso.
{105:14} And they coveted their desire in the desert, and they tempted God in a waterless place.

{105:15} Et dedit eis petitionem ipsorum: et misit saturitatem in animas eorum.
{105:15} And he granted to them their request, and he sent abundance into their souls.

{105:16} Et irritaverunt Moysen in castris: Aaron sanctum Domini.
{105:16} And they provoked Moses in the camp, and Aaron, the holy one of the Lord.

{105:17} Aperta est terra, et deglutivit Dathan: et operuit super congregationem Abiron.
{105:17} The earth opened and swallowed Dathan, and it covered the congregation of Abiram.

{105:18} Et exarsit ignis in synagoga eorum: flamma combussit peccatores.
{105:18} And a fire broke out in their congregation. A flame burned up the sinners.

{105:19} Et fecerunt vitulum in Horeb: et adoraverunt sculptile.
{105:19} And they fashioned a calf at Horeb, and they adored a graven image.

{105:20} Et mutaverunt gloriam suam in similitudinem vituli comedentis fœnum.
{105:20} And they exchanged their glory for the likeness of a calf that eats hay.

{105:21} Obliti sunt Deum, qui salvavit eos, qui fecit magnalia in Ægypto,
{105:21} They forgot God, who saved them, who did great things in Egypt:

{105:22} mirabilia in Terra Cham: terribilia in Mari Rubro.
{105:22} miracles in the land of Ham, terrible things at the Red Sea.

{105:23} Et dixit ut disperderet eos: si non Moyses electus eius stetisset in confractione in conspectu eius: Ut averteret iram eius ne disperderet eos:
{105:23} And he said that he would destroy them, yet Moses, his elect, stood firm before him in the breach, in order to avert his wrath, lest he destroy them.

{105:24} et pro nihilo habuerunt terram desiderabilem: Non crediderunt verbo eius,
{105:24} And they held the desirable land to be nothing. They did not trust in his word.

{105:25} et murmuraverunt in tabernaculis suis: non exaudierunt vocem Domini.
{105:25} And they murmured in their tabernacles. They did not heed the voice of the Lord.

{105:26} Et elevavit manum suam super eos: ut prosterneret eos in deserto:
{105:26} And he lifted up his hand over them, in order to prostrate them in the desert,

{105:27} Et ut deiiceret semen eorum in Nationibus: et dispergeret eos in regionibus.
{105:27} and in order to cast their offspring among the nations, and to scatter them among the regions.

{105:28} Et initiati sunt Beelphegor: et comederunt sacrificia mortuorum.
{105:28} And they were initiated into Baal of Peor, and they ate the sacrifices of the dead.

{105:29} Et irritaverunt eum in adinventionibus suis: et multiplicata est in eis ruina.
{105:29} And they provoked him with their inventions, and ruination was multiplied in them.

{105:30} Et stetit Phinees, et placavit: et cessavit quassatio.
{105:30} Then Phinehas stood up and placated him: and so the violent disturbance ceased.

{105:31} Et reputatum est ei in iustitiam, in generationem et generationem usque in sempiternum.
{105:31} And it was reputed to him unto justice, from generation to generation, even forever.

{105:32} Et irritaverunt eum ad Aquas Contradictionis: et vexatus est Moyses propter eos:
{105:32} And they provoked him at the Waters of Contradiction, and Moses was afflicted because of them,

{105:33} quia exacerbaverunt spiritum eius. Et distinxit in labiis suis:
{105:33} for they exasperated his spirit. And so he divided them with his lips.

{105:34} non disperdiderunt gentes, quas dixit Dominus illis.
{105:34} They did not destroy the nations, about which the Lord had spoken to them.

{105:35} Et commisti sunt inter Gentes, et didicerunt opera eorum:
{105:35} And they were mixed among the Gentiles. And they learned their works,

{105:36} et servierunt sculptilibus eorum: et factum est illis in scandalum.
{105:36} and they served their graven images, and it became a scandal to them.

{105:37} Et immolaverunt filios suos, et filias suas dæmoniis.
{105:37} And they sacrificed their sons and their daughters to demons.

{105:38} Et effuderunt sanguinem innocentem: sanguinem filiorum suorum et filiarum suarum, quas sacrificaverunt sculptilibus Chanaan. Et infecta est terra in sanguinibus,
{105:38} And they shed innocent blood: the blood of their sons and of their daughters, which they sacrificed to the graven images of Canaan. And the land was infected with bloodshed,

{105:39} et contaminata est in operibus eorum: et fornicati sunt in adinventionibus suis.
{105:39} and was contaminated with their works. And they fornicated according to their own inventions.

{105:40} Et iratus est furore Dominus in populum suum: et abominatus est hereditatem suam.
{105:40} And the Lord became furiously angry with his people, and he abhorred his inheritance.

{105:41} Et tradidit eos in manus gentium: et dominati sunt eorum qui oderunt eos.
{105:41} And he delivered them into the hands of the nations. And those who hated them became rulers over them.

{105:42} Et tribulaverunt eos inimici eorum, et humiliati sunt sub manibus eorum:
{105:42} And their enemies afflicted them, and they were humbled under their hands.

{105:43} sæpe liberavit eos. Ipsi autem exacerbaverunt eum in consilio suo: et humiliati sunt in iniquitatibus suis.
{105:43} Many times, he delivered them. Yet they provoked him with their counsel, and they were brought low by their iniquities.

{105:44} Et vidit cum tribularentur: et audivit orationem eorum.
{105:44} And he saw that they were in tribulation, and he heard their prayer.

{105:45} Et memor fuit testamenti sui: et pœnituit eum secundum multitudinem misericordiæ suæ.
{105:45} And he was mindful of his covenant, and he repented according to the multitude of his mercies.

{105:46} Et dedit eos in misericordias in conspectu omnium qui ceperant eos.
{105:46} And he provided for them with mercies, in the sight of all those who had seized them.

{105:47} Salvos nos fac Domine Deus noster: et congrega nos de Nationibus: Ut confiteamur nomini sancto tuo: et gloriemur in laude tua.
{105:47} Save us, O Lord our God, and gather us from the nations, so that we may confess your holy name and glory in your praise.

{105:48} Benedictus Dominus Deus Israel a sæculo et usque in sæculum: et dicet omnis populus: Fiat, fiat.
{105:48} Blessed is the Lord God of Israel, from ages past, even to all ages. And let all the people say: Amen. Amen.

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