Psalm 140: Against Contamination

Psalm 140: Against Contamination. For Avoiding the Occasions of Sin.

Prayer to be guarded against dealing with the wicked. The psalmist turns to God for refuge against their snares. He accepts with patience the reprimands of the just.

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{140:1} Psalmus David. Domine clamavi ad te, exaudi me: intende voci meæ, cum clamavero ad te.
{140:1} A Psalm of David. O Lord, I have cried out to you, hear me. Attend to my voice, when I cry out to you.

{140:2} Dirigatur oratio mea sicut incensum in conspectu tuo: elevatio manuum mearum sacrificium vespertinum.
{140:2} Let my prayer be guided like incense in your sight: the lifting up of my hands, like the evening sacrifice.

{140:3} Pone Domine custodiam ori meo: et ostium circumstantiæ labiis meis.
{140:3} O Lord, station a guard over my mouth and a door enclosing my lips.

{140:4} Non declines cor meum in verba malitiæ, ad excusandas excusationes in peccatis, cum hominibus operantibus iniquitatem: et non communicabo cum electis eorum.
{140:4} Do not turn aside my heart to words of malice, to making excuses for sins, with men who work iniquity; and I will not communicate, even with the best of them.

{140:5} Corripiet me iustus in misericordia, et increpabit me: oleum autem peccatoris non impinguet caput meum. Quoniam adhuc et oratio mea in beneplacitis eorum:
{140:5} The just one will correct me with mercy, and he will rebuke me. But do not allow the oil of the sinner to fatten my head. For my prayer will still be toward their good will.

{140:6} absorpti sunt iuncti petræ iudices eorum. Audient verba mea quoniam potuerunt:
{140:6} Their judges have been engulfed, joined to the rocks. They will hear my words, which have prevailed,

{140:7} sicut crassitudo terræ erupta est super terram. Dissipata sunt ossa nostra secus infernum:
{140:7} as when the lava of the earth has erupted above ground. Our bones have been scattered beside Hell.

{140:8} quia ad te Domine, Domine oculi mei: in te speravi, non auferas animam meam.
{140:8} For Lord, O Lord, my eyes look to you. In you, I have hoped. Do not take away my soul.

{140:9} Custodi me a laqueo, quem statuerunt mihi: et a scandalis operantium iniquitatem.
{140:9} Protect me from the snare that they have set up for me and from the scandals of those who work iniquity.

{140:10} Cadent in retiaculo eius peccatores: singulariter sum ego donec transeam.
{140:10} The sinners will fall into his net. I am alone, until I pass over.

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