Psalm 124: The Lord's Protection

Psalm 124: The Lord’s Protection. Against the Danger of Falling Away.

Trust in the Lord. The wicked will not prevail against the chosen people because God surrounds them with his sure protection, so as to maintain them in peace.

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{124:1} Canticum graduum. Qui confidunt in Domino, sicut mons Sion: non commovebitur in æternum, qui habitat
{124:1} A Canticle in steps. Those who trust in the Lord will be like the mountain of Zion. He will not be disturbed for eternity, who dwells

{124:2} in Ierusalem. Montes in circuitu eius: et Dominus in circuitu populi sui, ex hoc nunc et usque in sæculum.
{124:2} in Jerusalem. Mountains surround it. And the Lord surrounds his people, from this time forward and even forever.

{124:3} Quia non relinquet Dominus virgam peccatorum super sortem iustorum: ut non extendant iusti ad iniquitatem manus suas.
{124:3} For the Lord will not allow the rod of sinners to remain over the lot of the just, so that the just may not extend their hands toward iniquity.

{124:4} Benefac Domine bonis, et rectis corde.
{124:4} Do good, O Lord, to the good and to the upright of heart.

{124:5} Declinantes autem in obligationes, adducet Dominus cum operantibus iniquitatem: pax super Israel.
{124:5} But those who turn away into obligation, the Lord will lead away with the workers of iniquity. Peace be upon Israel.

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