Psalm 147: Blessings Upon Israel. To Share in the Peace of the Church

Psalm 147: Blessings Upon Israel. To Share in the Peace of the Church.

Praise of God, Israel’s benefactor. She is grateful for her return from exile, for the restoration of the Holy City, for the blessings of peace and prosperity and especially of divine revelation.

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{147:1} Alleluia. Lauda Ierusalem Dominum: lauda Deum tuum Sion.
{147:1} Alleluia. Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem. Praise your God, O Zion.

{147:2} Quoniam confortavit seras portarum tuarum: benedixit filiis tuis in te.
{147:2} For he has reinforced the bars of your gates. He has blessed your sons within you.

{147:3} Qui posuit fines tuos pacem: et adipe frumenti satiat te.
{147:3} He has stationed peace at your borders, and he has satisfied you with the fat of the grain.

{147:4} Qui emittit eloquium suum terræ: velociter currit sermo eius.
{147:4} He sends forth his eloquence to the earth. His word runs swiftly.

{147:5} Qui dat nivem sicut lanam: nebulam sicut cinerem spargit.
{147:5} He provides snow like wool. He strews clouds like ashes.

{147:6} Mittit crystallum suum sicut buccellas: ante faciem frigoris eius quis sustinebit?
{147:6} He sends his ice crystals like morsels. Who can stand firm before the face of his cold?

{147:7} Emittet verbum suum, et liquefaciet ea: flabit Spiritus eius, et fluent aquæ.
{147:7} He will send forth his word, and it will melt them. His Spirit will breathe out, and the waters will flow.

{147:8} Qui annunciat verbum suum Iacob: iustitias, et iudicia sua Israel.
{147:8} He announces his word to Jacob, his justices and his judgments to Israel.

{147:9} Non fecit taliter omni nationi: et iudicia sua non manifestavit eis. Alleluia.
{147:9} He has not done so much for every nation, and he has not made his judgments manifest to them. Alleluia.

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