Psalm 143: A Prayer in Time of Trouble

Psalm 143: Song of Victory. A Prayer in Time of Trouble.

Song of victory, and a prophecy of the messianic blessings. The king marvels at the merciful providence of God towards man so lowly and so unworthy. He confidently implores new blessings for himself and the people.

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Psalm 143: Prayer Audio in Latin

{143:1} Psalmus David Adversus Goliath. Benedictus Dominus Deus meus, qui docet manus meas ad prælium, et digitos meos ad bellum.
{143:1} A Psalm of David versus Goliath. Blessed is the Lord, my God, who trains my hands for the battle and my fingers for the war.

{143:2} Misericordia mea, et refugium meum: susceptor meus, et liberator meus: Protector meus, et in ipso speravi: qui subdit populum meum sub me.
{143:2} My mercy and my refuge, my supporter and my deliverer, my protector and him in whom I have hoped: he subdues my people under me.

{143:3} Domine quid est homo, quia innotuisti ei? aut filius hominis, quia reputas eum?
{143:3} O Lord, what is man that you have become known to him? Or the son of man that you consider him?

{143:4} Homo vanitati similis factus est: dies eius sicut umbra prætereunt.
{143:4} Man has been made similar to vanity. His days pass by like a shadow.

{143:5} Domine inclina cælos tuos, et descende: tange montes, et fumigabunt.
{143:5} O Lord, incline your heavens and descend. Touch the mountains, and they will smoke.

{143:6} Fulgura coruscationem, et dissipabis eos: emitte sagittas tuas, et conturbabis eos:
{143:6} Send a flash of lightning, and you will scatter them. Shoot your arrows, and you will set them in disarray.

{143:7} Emitte manum tuam de alto, eripe me, et libera me de aquis multis: de manu filiorum alienorum.
{143:7} Send forth your hand from on high: rescue me, and free me from many waters, from the hand of the sons of foreigners.

{143:8} Quorum os locutum est vanitatem: et dextera eorum, dextera iniquitatis.
{143:8} Their mouth has been speaking vain things, and their right hand is the right hand of iniquity.

{143:9} Deus canticum novum cantabo tibi: in psalterio, decachordo psallam tibi.
{143:9} To you, O God, I will sing a new song. On the psaltery, with an instrument of ten strings, I will sing psalms to you.

{143:10} Qui das salutem regibus: qui redemisti David servum tuum de gladio maligno:
{143:10} He gives salvation to kings. He has redeemed your servant David from the malignant sword.

{143:11} eripe me. Et erue me de manu filiorum alienorum, quorum os locutum est vanitatem: et dextera eorum, dextera iniquitatis:
{143:11} Rescue me, and deliver me from the hand of the sons of foreigners. Their mouth has been speaking vain things, and their right hand is the right hand of iniquity.

{143:12} Quorum filii, sicut novellæ plantationes in iuventute sua. Filiæ eorum compositæ: circumornatæ ut similitudo templi.
{143:12} Their sons are like new plantings in their youth. Their daughters are dressed up: adorned all around like the idols of a temple.

{143:13} Promptuaria eorum plena, eructantia ex hoc in illud. Oves eorum fœtosæ, abundantes in egressibus suis:
{143:13} Their cupboards are full: overflowing from one thing into another. Their sheep bear young, brought forth in abundance.

{143:14} boves eorum crassæ. Non est ruina maceriæ, neque transitus: neque clamor in plateis eorum.
{143:14} Their cattle are fat. There is no ruined wall or passage, nor anyone crying out in their streets.

{143:15} Beatum dixerunt populum, cui hæc sunt: beatus populus, cuius Dominus Deus eius.
{143:15} They have called the people that has these things: blessed. But blessed is the people whose God is the Lord.

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