Psalm 5: Recourse to God. To be Given Divine Guidance.

A prayer of divine aid against godless enemies. He addresses God as one who hates all evildoers, but who blesses and protects those who love him.

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Psalm 5: Audio Prayer in Latin

{5:1} In finem pro ea, quæ hereditatem consequitur, Psalmus David.
{5:1} Unto the end. For her who pursues the inheritance. A Psalm of David.

{5:2} Verba mea auribus percipe Domine, intellige clamorem meum.
{5:2} O Lord, listen closely to my words. Understand my outcry.

{5:3} Intende voci orationis meæ, Rex meus et Deus meus.
{5:3} Attend to the voice of my prayer, my King and my God.

{5:4} Quoniam ad te orabo: Domine mane exaudies vocem meam.
{5:4} For to you, I will pray. In the morning, Lord, you will hear my voice.

{5:5} Mane astabo tibi et videbo: quoniam non Deus volens iniquitatem tu es.
{5:5} In the morning, I will stand before you, and I will see. For you are not a God who wills iniquity.

{5:6} Neque habitabit iuxta te malignus: neque permanebunt iniusti ante oculos tuos.
{5:6} And the malicious will not dwell close to you, nor will the unjust endure before your eyes.

{5:7} Odisti omnes, qui operantur iniquitatem: perdes omnes, qui loquuntur mendacium. Virum sanguinum et dolosum abominabitur Dominus:
{5:7} You hate all who work iniquity. You will destroy all who speak a lie. The bloody and deceitful man, the Lord will abominate.

{5:8} ego autem in multitudine misericordiæ tuæ. Introibo in domum tuam: adorabo ad templum sanctum tuum in timore tuo.
{5:8} But I am in the multitude of your mercy. I will enter your house. I will show adoration toward your holy temple, in your fear.

{5:9} Domine deduc me in iustitia tua: propter inimicos meos dirige in conspectu tuo viam meam.
{5:9} Lord, lead me in your justice. Because of my enemies, direct my way in your sight.

{5:10} Quoniam non est in ore eorum veritas: cor eorum vanum est.
{5:10} For there is no truth in their mouth: their heart is vain.

{5:11} Sepulchrum patens est guttur eorum, linguis suis dolose agebant, iudica illos Deus. Decidant a cogitationibus suis, secundum multitudinem impietatum eorum expelle eos, quoniam irritaverunt te Domine.
{5:11} Their throat is an open sepulcher. They have acted deceitfully with their tongues. Judge them, O God. Let them fall by their own intentions: according to the multitude of their impiety, expel them. For they have provoked you, O Lord.

{5:12} Et lætentur omnes, qui sperant in te, in æternum exultabunt: et habitabis in eis. Et gloriabuntur in te omnes, qui diligunt nomen tuum,
{5:12} But let all those who hope in you rejoice. They will exult in eternity, and you will dwell in them. And all those who love your name will glory in you.

{5:13} quoniam tu benedices iusto. Domine, ut scuto bonæ voluntatis tuæ coronasti nos.
{5:13} For you will bless the just. You have crowned us, O Lord, as if with a shield of your good will.

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