Psalm 87: Conduct in Desolation. For Those Who Suffer Interior Trials

Psalm 87: Conduct in Desolation. For Those Who Suffer Interior Trials.

The prayer of a just man in grievous affliction. Apparently abandoned by God he seems to be on the verge of despair.

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{87:1} Canticum Psalmi, Filiis Core, in finem, pro Maheleth ad respondendum, intellectus Eman Ezrahitæ.
{87:1} A Canticle Psalm to the sons of Korah. Unto the end. For Mahalath, to answer the understanding of Heman the Ezrahite.

{87:2} Domine Deus salutis meæ: in die clamavi, et nocte coram te.
{87:2} O Lord, God of my salvation: I have cried out, day and night, in your presence.

{87:3} Intret in conspectu tuo oratio mea: inclina aurem tuam ad precem meam:
{87:3} Let my prayer enter in your sight. Incline your ear to my petition.

{87:4} Quia repleta est malis anima mea: et vita mea inferno appropinquavit.
{87:4} For my soul has been filled with evils, and my life has drawn near to Hell.

{87:5} Æstimatus sum cum descendentibus in lacum: factus sum sicut homo sine adiutorio,
{87:5} I am considered to be among those who will descend into the pit. I have become like a man without assistance,

{87:6} inter mortuos liber, Sicut vulnerati dormientes in sepulchris, quorum non es memor amplius: et ipsi de manu tua repulsi sunt.
{87:6} idle among the dead. I am like the wounded sleeping in sepulchers, whom you no longer remember, and who have been repelled by your hand.

{87:7} Posuerunt me in lacu inferiori: in tenebrosis, et in umbra mortis.
{87:7} They have lain me in the lower pit: in dark places and in the shadow of death.

{87:8} Super me confirmatus est furor tuus: et omnes fluctus tuos induxisti super me.
{87:8} Your fury has been confirmed over me. And you have brought all your waves upon me.

{87:9} Longe fecisti notos meos a me: posuerunt me abominationem sibi. Traditus sum, et non egrediebar:
{87:9} You have sent my acquaintances far from me. They have set me as an abomination to themselves. I was handed over, yet I did not depart.

{87:10} oculi mei languerunt præ inopia. Clamavi ad te Domine tota die: expandi ad te manus meas.
{87:10} My eyes languished before destitution. All day long, I cried out to you, O Lord. I stretched out my hands to you.

{87:11} Numquid mortuis facies mirabilia: aut medici suscitabunt, et confitebuntur tibi?
{87:11} Will you perform wonders for the dead? Or will physicians raise to life, and so confess to you?

{87:12} Numquid narrabit aliquis in sepulchro misericordiam tuam, et veritatem tuam in perditione?
{87:12} Could anyone declare your mercy in the sepulcher, or your truth from within perdition?

{87:13} Numquid cognoscentur in tenebris mirabilia tua: et iustitia tua in terra oblivionis?
{87:13} Will your wonders be known in the darkness, or your justice in the land of oblivion?

{87:14} Et ego ad te, Domine, clamavi, et mane oratio mea præveniet te.
{87:14} And I have cried out to you, O Lord, and in early morning, my prayer will come before you.

{87:15} Ut quid Domine repellis orationem meam: avertis faciem tuam a me?
{87:15} Lord, why do you reject my prayer? Why do you turn your face away from me?

{87:16} Pauper sum ego, et in laboribus a iuventute mea: exaltatus autem, humiliatus sum et conturbatus.
{87:16} I am poor, and I have been amid hardships from my youth. And, though I have been exalted, I am humbled and disturbed.

{87:17} In me transierunt iræ tuæ: et terrores tui conturbaverunt me.
{87:17} Your wrath has crossed into me, and your terrors have disturbed me.

{87:18} Circumdederunt me sicut aqua tota die: circumdederunt me simul.
{87:18} They have surrounded me like water, all day long. They have surrounded me, all at once.

{87:19} Elongasti a me amicum, et proximum: et notos meos a miseria.
{87:19} Friend and neighbor, and my acquaintances, you have sent far away from me, away from misery.

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