Psalm 28: Omnipotence. To Obtain protection in Storms.

Psalm 28: Omnipotence. To Obtain protection in Storms.

The Glory of God in the storm. An invitation to glorify and adore God by contemplating his mighty works in the order of nature.

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Psalm 28: Prayer Audio in Latin

{28:1} Psalmus David, In consummatione tabernaculi. Afferte Domino filii Dei: afferte Domino filios arietum:
{28:1} A Psalm of David, at the completion of the tabernacle. Bring to the Lord, O sons of God, bring to the Lord the sons of rams.

{28:2} Afferte Domino gloriam et honorem, afferte Domino gloriam nomini eius: adorate Dominum in atrio sancto eius.
{28:2} Bring to the Lord, glory and honor. Bring to the Lord, glory for his name. Adore the Lord in his holy court.

{28:3} Vox Domini super aquas, Deus maiestatis intonuit: Dominus super aquas multas.
{28:3} The voice of the Lord is over the waters. The God of majesty has thundered. The Lord is over many waters.

{28:4} Vox Domini in virtute: vox Domini in magnificentia.
{28:4} The voice of the Lord is in virtue. The voice of the Lord is in magnificence.

{28:5} Vox Domini confringentis cedros: et confringet Dominus cedros Libani:
{28:5} The voice of the Lord shatters the cedars. And the Lord will shatter the cedars of Lebanon.

{28:6} Et comminuet eas tamquam vitulum Libani: et dilectus quemadmodum filius unicornium.
{28:6} And it will break them into pieces, like a calf of Lebanon, and in the same way as the beloved son of the single-horned beast.

{28:7} Vox Domini intercidentis flammam ignis:
{28:7} The voice of the Lord cuts through the flame of fire.

{28:8} vox Domini concutientis desertum: et commovebit Dominus desertum Cades.
{28:8} The voice of the Lord shakes the desert. And the Lord will quake the desert of Kadesh.

{28:9} Vox Domini præparantis cervos, et revelabit condensa: et in templo eius omnes dicent gloriam.
{28:9} The voice of the Lord is preparing the stags, and he will reveal the dense woods. And in his temple, all will speak his glory.

{28:10} Dominus diluvium inhabitare facit: et sedebit Dominus Rex in æternum.
{28:10} The Lord causes the great flood to dwell. And the Lord will sit as King in eternity.

{28:11} Dominus virtutem populo suo dabit: Dominus benedicet populo suo in pace.
{28:11} The Lord will give virtue to his people. The Lord will bless his people in peace.

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