Psalm 113: The True God

Psalm 113: The True God. To Remain in Awe of God’s Omnipotence.

The miracles of the Exodus as splendid manifestations of God’s omnipotence. Hence all idols should be put to scorn. God alone is deserving of praise, and in him only should men put their trust.

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Psalm 113: Prayer Audio in Latin

{113:1} Alleluia. In exitu Israel de Ægypto, domus Iacob de populo barbaro:
{113:1} Alleluia. At the departure of Israel from Egypt, the house of Jacob from a barbarous people:

{113:2} Facta est Iudæa sanctificatio eius, Israel potestas eius.
{113:2} Judea was made his sanctuary; Israel was made his power.

{113:3} Mare vidit, et fugit: Iordanis conversus est retrorsum.
{113:3} The sea looked, and it fled. The Jordan was turned back again.

{113:4} Montes exultaverunt ut arietes: et colles sicut agni ovium.
{113:4} The mountains exulted like rams, and the hills like lambs among the sheep.

{113:5} Quid est tibi mare quod fugisti: et tu Iordanis, quia conversus es retrorsum?
{113:5} What happened to you, O sea, so that you fled, and to you, O Jordan, so that you were turned back again?

{113:6} Montes exultastis sicut arietes, et colles sicut agni ovium?
{113:6} What happened to you, O mountains, so that you exulted like rams, and to you, O hills, so that you exulted like lambs among the sheep?

{113:7} A facie Domini mota est terra, a facie Dei Iacob.
{113:7} Before the face of the Lord, the earth was moved, before the face of the God of Jacob.

{113:8} Qui convertit petram in stagna aquarum, et rupem in fontes aquarum.
{113:8} He converted the rock into pools of water, and the cliff into fountains of waters.

{113:9} Non nobis Domine, non nobis: sed nomini tuo da gloriam.
{113:9} Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory.

{113:10} Super misericordia tua, et veritate tua: nequando dicant Gentes: Ubi est Deus eorum?
{113:10} Give glory to your mercy and your truth, lest the Gentiles should say, “Where is their God?”

{113:11} Deus autem noster in cælo: omnia quæcumque voluit, fecit.
{113:11} But our God is in heaven. All things whatsoever that he has willed, he has done.

{113:12} Simulacra gentium argentum, et aurum, opera manuum hominum.
{113:12} The idols of the nations are silver and gold, the works of the hands of men.

{113:13} Os habent, et non loquentur: oculos habent, et non videbunt.
{113:13} They have mouths, and do not speak; they have eyes, and do not see.

{113:14} Aures habent, et non audient: nares habent, et non odorabunt.
{113:14} They have ears, and do not hear; they have noses, and do not smell.

{113:15} Manus habent, et non palpabunt: pedes habent, et non ambulabunt: non clamabunt in gutture suo.
{113:15} They have hands, and do not feel; they have feet, and do not walk. Neither will they cry out with their throat.

{113:16} Similes illis fiant qui faciunt ea: et omnes qui confidunt in eis.
{113:16} Let those who make them become like them, along with all who trust in them.

{113:17} Domus Israel speravit in Domino: adiutor eorum et protector eorum est.
{113:17} The house of Israel has hoped in the Lord. He is their helper and their protector.

{113:18} Domus Aaron speravit in Domino: adiutor eorum et protector eorum est.
{113:18} The house of Aaron has hoped in the Lord. He is their helper and their protector.

{113:19} Qui timent Dominum, speraverunt in Domino: adiutor eorum et protector eorum est.
{113:19} Those who fear the Lord have hoped in the Lord. He is their helper and their protector.

{113:20} Dominus memor fuit nostri: et benedixit nobis: Benedixit domui Israel: benedixit domui Aaron.
{113:20} The Lord has been mindful of us, and he has blessed us. He has blessed the house of Israel. He has blessed the house of Aaron.

{113:21} Benedixit omnibus, qui timent Dominum, pusillis cum maioribus.
{113:21} He has blessed all who fear the Lord, the small with the great.

{113:22} Adiiciat Dominus super vos: super vos, et super filios vestros.
{113:22} May the Lord add blessings upon you: upon you, and upon your sons.

{113:23} Benedicti vos a Domino, qui fecit cælum, et terram.
{113:23} Blessed are you by the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

{113:24} Cælum cæli Domino: terram autem dedit filiis hominum.
{113:24} The heaven of heaven is for the Lord, but the earth he has given to the sons of men.

{113:25} Non mortui laudabunt te Domine: neque omnes, qui descendunt in infernum.
{113:25} The dead will not praise you, Lord, and neither will all those who descend into Hell.

{113:26} Sed nos qui vivimus, benedicimus Domino, ex hoc nunc et usque in sæculum.
{113:26} But we who live will bless the Lord, from this time forward, and even forever.

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