Psalm 136: Fidelity in Exile. To Remain Faithful Even Though Afflicted

Psalm 136: Fidelity in Exile. To Remain Faithful Even Though Afflicted.

The psalmist recalls the mourning of the Israelite captives by the rivers of Babylon, and their indignation over the demand of their oppressors to sing to them a canticle of Sion.

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{136:1} Psalmus David, Ieremiæ. Super flumina Babylonis, illic sedimus et flevimus: cum recordaremur Sion:
{136:1} A Psalm of David: to Jeremiah. Above the rivers of Babylon, there we sat and wept, while we remembered Zion.

{136:2} In salicibus in medio eius, suspendimus organa nostra.
{136:2} By the willow trees, in their midst, we hung up our instruments.

{136:3} Quia illic interrogaverunt nos, qui captivos duxerunt nos, verba cantionum: Et qui abduxerunt nos: Hymnum cantate nobis de canticis Sion.
{136:3} For, in that place, those who led us into captivity questioned us about the words of the songs. And those who carried us away said: “Sing us a hymn from the songs of Zion.”

{136:4} Quomodo cantabimus canticum Domini in terra aliena?
{136:4} How can we sing a song of the Lord in a foreign land?

{136:5} Si oblitus fuero tui Ierusalem, oblivioni detur dextera mea.
{136:5} If I ever forget you, Jerusalem, let my right hand be forgotten.

{136:6} Adhæreat lingua mea faucibus meis, si non meminero tui: Si non proposuero Ierusalem, in principio lætitiæ meæ.
{136:6} May my tongue adhere to my jaws, if I do not remember you, if I do not set Jerusalem first, as the beginning of my joy.

{136:7} Memor esto Domine filiorum Edom, in die Ierusalem: Qui dicunt: Exinanite, exinanite usque ad fundamentum in ea.
{136:7} O Lord, call to mind the sons of Edom, in the day of Jerusalem, who say: “Despoil it, despoil it, even to its foundation.”

{136:8} Filia Babylonis misera: beatus, qui retribuet tibi retributionem tuam, quam retribuisti nobis.
{136:8} O daughter of Babylon, have pity. Blessed is he who will repay you with your payment, which you have paid to us.

{136:9} Beatus, qui tenebit, et allidet parvulos tuos ad petram.
{136:9} Blessed is he who will take hold of your little ones and dash them against the rock.

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