Psalm 92: The Mighty Ruler. In Praise of Faith

Psalm 92: The Mighty Ruler. In Praise of Faith.

The Lord, King of the world. God is enthroned upon the earth. The efforts of his enemies are in vain, while the just should keep his law and respect his temple.

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{92:1} Laus Cantici ipsi David, in die ante Sabbatum, quando fundata est terra.
{92:1} The Praise of a Canticle, of David himself. In the time before the Sabbath, when the earth was founded.

{92:2} Dominus regnavit, decorem indutus est:
{92:2} The Lord has reigned. He has been clothed with beauty.

{92:3} indutus est Dominus fortitudinem, et præcinxit se. Etenim firmavit orbem terræ, qui non commovebitur.
{92:3} The Lord has been clothed with strength, and he has girded himself. Yet he has also confirmed the world, which will not be moved.

{92:4} Parata sedes tua ex tunc: a sæculo tu es.
{92:4} My throne is prepared from of old. You are from everlasting.

{92:5} Elevaverunt flumina Domine: elevaverunt flumina vocem suam. Elevaverunt flumina fluctus suos,
{92:5} The floods have lifted up, O Lord, the floods have lifted up their voice. The floods have lifted up their waves,

{92:6} a vocibus aquarum multarum. Mirabiles elationes maris, mirabilis in altis Dominus.
{92:6} before the noise of many waters. Wondrous are the surges of the sea; wondrous is the Lord on high.

{92:7} Testimonia tua credibilia facta sunt nimis: domum tuam decet sanctitudo Domine in longitudinem dierum.
{92:7} Your testimonies have been made exceedingly trustworthy. Sanctity befits your house, O Lord, with length of days.

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