Custom Rosaries & Chaplets

At VIRGO SACRATA we specialize in custom design religious jewelry, custom rosaries and chaplets. Our in-house studio gives us total control over the production process to create well made unique rosaries. Our designer rosaries incorporate rosary parts made from Gold, Sterling Silver, Solid Bronze, or Brass with a wide selection of the high-quality semi-precious gemstones, and natural pearls sourced around the world.

We design our pieces with exceptional attention to detail and quality to make our rosaries beautiful, authentic and lasting a lifetime. Our rosaries are different from others because we use wire-wrapping technique, which makes our rosaries virtually unbreakable. Traditionally wire-wrapped by hand, this procedure requires 6 to 8 hours to produce a 5-decade rosary.

Typically we need 1 to 4 weeks to complete custom made rosary. We may ask 50% deposit before we go into production. Please contact us with your requirements and for an estimate of cost for the materials and work. We ship our rosaries worldwide.

Due to unique properties of gemstones, most our rosaries have unique original design, being offered as limited edition designer rosaries. Below is just a small sample of rosaries that were custom made on request.