Psalm 102: Praise of God's Mercy

Psalm 102: Praise of God’s Mercy. For Those Who Have Received Extraordinary Graces.

Thanksgiving to God for his mercies. The psalmist’s fervor is aroused to a high pitch by the thought of so much goodness shown by God towards the psalmist and towards the chosen people.

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{102:1} Ipsi David. Benedic anima mea Domino et omnia, quæ intra me sunt, nomini sancto eius.
{102:1} To David himself. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and bless his holy name, all that is within me.

{102:2} Benedic anima mea Domino: et noli oblivisci omnes retributiones eius:
{102:2} Bless the Lord, O my soul, and do not forget all his recompenses.

{102:3} Qui propitiatur omnibus iniquitatibus tuis: qui sanat omnes infirmitates tuas.
{102:3} He forgives all your iniquities. He heals all your infirmities.

{102:4} Qui redimit de interitu vitam tuam: qui coronat te in misericordia et miserationibus.
{102:4} He redeems your life from destruction. He crowns you with mercy and compassion.

{102:5} Qui replet in bonis desiderium tuum: renovabitur ut aquilæ iuventus tua:
{102:5} He satisfies your desire with good things. Your youth will be renewed like that of the eagle.

{102:6} Faciens misericordias Dominus: et iudicium omnibus iniuriam patientibus.
{102:6} The Lord accomplishes mercies, and his judgment is for all who patiently endure injuries.

{102:7} Notas fecit vias suas Moysi, filiis Israel voluntates suas.
{102:7} He has made his ways known to Moses, his will to the sons of Israel.

{102:8} Miserator, et misericors Dominus: longanimis, et multum misericors.
{102:8} The Lord is compassionate and merciful, patient and full of mercy.

{102:9} Non in perpetuum irascetur: neque in æternum comminabitur.
{102:9} He will not be angry forever, and he will not threaten for eternity.

{102:10} Non secundum peccata nostra fecit nobis: neque secundum iniquitates nostras retribuit nobis.
{102:10} He has not dealt with us according to our sins, and he has not repaid us according to our iniquities.

{102:11} Quoniam secundum altitudinem cæli a terra: corroboravit misericordiam suam super timentes se.
{102:11} For according to the height of the heavens above the earth, so has he reinforced his mercy toward those who fear him.

{102:12} Quantum distat Ortus ab Occidente: longe fecit a nobis iniquitates nostras.
{102:12} As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our iniquities from us.

{102:13} Quomodo miseretur pater filiorum, misertus est Dominus timentibus se:
{102:13} As a father is compassionate to his sons, so has the Lord been compassionate to those who fear him.

{102:14} quoniam ipse cognovit figmentum nostrum. Recordatus est quoniam pulvis sumus:
{102:14} For he knows our form. He has called to mind that we are dust.

{102:15} homo, sicut fœnum dies eius, tamquam flos agri sic efflorebit.
{102:15} Man: his days are like hay. Like the flower of the field, so will he flourish.

{102:16} Quoniam spiritus pertransibit in illo, et non subsistet: et non cognoscet amplius locum suum.
{102:16} For the spirit in him will pass away, and it will not remain, and he will know his place no longer.

{102:17} Misericordia autem Domini ab æterno, et usque in æternum super timentes eum. Et iustitia illius in filios filiorum,
{102:17} But the mercy of the Lord is from eternity, and even unto eternity, upon those who fear him. And his justice is with the sons of the sons,

{102:18} his qui servant testamentum eius: Et memores sunt mandatorum ipsius, ad faciendum ea.
{102:18} with those who serve his covenant and have been mindful of his commandments by doing them.

{102:19} Dominus in cælo paravit sedem suam: et regnum ipsius omnibus dominabitur.
{102:19} The Lord has prepared his throne in heaven, and his kingdom will rule over all.

{102:20} Benedicite Domino omnes angeli eius: potentes virtute, facientes verbum illius, ad audiendam vocem sermonum eius.
{102:20} Bless the Lord, all you his Angels: powerful in virtue, doing his word, in order to heed the voice of his discourse.

{102:21} Benedicite Domino omnes virtutes eius: ministri eius, qui facitis voluntatem eius.
{102:21} Bless the Lord, all his hosts: his ministers who do his will.

{102:22} Benedicite Domino omnia opera eius: in omni loco dominationis eius, benedic anima mea Domino.
{102:22} Bless the Lord, all his works: in every place of his dominion. Bless the Lord, O my soul.

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