Psalm 93: God's Vengeance

Psalm 93: God’s Vengeance. For Those Fearful of Harm of Evildoers.

A Prayer against the enemies of Israel. The foolish boasting of evildoers is short-lived. God, who sees and knows all things will destroy them, and justice shall triumph.

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{93:1} Psalmus ipsi David, Quarta Sabbati. Deus ultionum Dominus: Deus ultionum libere egit.
{93:1} A Psalm of David himself. The Fourth Sabbath. The Lord is the God of retribution. The God of retribution acts in order to deliver.

{93:2} Exaltare qui iudicas terram: redde retributionem superbis.
{93:2} Lift yourself up, for you judge the earth. Repay the arrogant with retribution.

{93:3} Usquequo peccatores Domine: usquequo peccatores gloriabuntur:
{93:3} How long will sinners, O Lord, how long will sinners glory?

{93:4} Effabuntur, et loquentur iniquitatem: loquentur omnes, qui operantur iniustitiam?
{93:4} How long will they utter and speak iniquity? How long will all who work injustice speak out?

{93:5} Populum tuum Domine humiliaverunt: et hereditatem tuam vexaverunt.
{93:5} They have humiliated your people, O Lord, and they have harassed your inheritance.

{93:6} Viduam, et advenam interfecerunt: et pupillos occiderunt.
{93:6} They have executed the widow and the new arrival, and they have slaughtered the orphan.

{93:7} Et dixerunt: Non videbit Dominus, nec intelliget Deus Iacob.
{93:7} And they have said, “The Lord will not see, nor will the God of Jacob understand.”

{93:8} Intelligite insipientes in populo: et stulti aliquando sapite.
{93:8} Understand, you senseless ones among the people. And be wise at last, you foolish ones.

{93:9} Qui plantavit aurem, non audiet? aut qui finxit oculum, non considerat?
{93:9} He who formed the ear, will he not hear? And he who forged the eye, does he not look closely?

{93:10} Qui corripit gentes, non arguet: qui docet hominem scientiam?
{93:10} He who chastises nations, he who teaches man knowledge, will he not rebuke?

{93:11} Dominus scit cogitationes hominum, quoniam vanæ sunt.
{93:11} The Lord knows the thoughts of men: that these are in vain.

{93:12} Beatus homo, quem tu erudieris Domine: et de lege tua docueris eum.
{93:12} Blessed is the man whom you will instruct, O Lord. And you will teach him from your law.

{93:13} Ut mitiges ei a diebus malis: donec fodiatur peccatori fovea.
{93:13} So may you soothe him from the evil days, until a pit may be dug for sinners.

{93:14} Quia non repellet Dominus plebem suam: et hereditatem suam non derelinquet.
{93:14} For the Lord will not drive away his people, and he will not abandon his inheritance,

{93:15} Quoadusque iustitia convertatur in iudicium: et qui iuxta illam omnes qui recto sunt corde.
{93:15} even until the time when justice is being converted into judgment, and when those who are close to justice are all those who are upright of heart.

{93:16} Quis consurget mihi adversus malignantes? aut quis stabit mecum adversus operantes iniquitatem?
{93:16} Who will rise up with me against the malignant? Or who will stand with me against the workers of iniquity?

{93:17} Nisi quia Dominus adiuvit me: paulominus habitasset in inferno anima mea.
{93:17} Except that the Lord assisted me, my soul almost would have dwelt in Hell.

{93:18} Si dicebam: Motus est pes meus: misericordia tua Domine adiuvabat me.
{93:18} If ever I said, “My foot is slipping,” then your mercy, O Lord, assisted me.

{93:19} Secundum multitudinem dolorum meorum in corde meo: consolationes tuæ lætificaverunt animam meam.
{93:19} According to the multitude of my sorrows in my heart, your consolations have given joy to my soul.

{93:20} Numquid adhæret tibi sedes iniquitatis: qui fingis laborem in præcepto?
{93:20} Does the seat of iniquity adhere to you, you who contrive hardship within a commandment?

{93:21} Captabunt in animam iusti: et sanguinem innocentem condemnabunt.
{93:21} They will hunt down the soul of the just, and they will condemn innocent blood.

{93:22} Et factus est mihi Dominus in refugium: et Deus meus in adiutorium spei meæ.
{93:22} And the Lord has been made into a refuge for me, and my God into the assistance of my hope.

{93:23} Et reddet illis iniquitatem ipsorum: et in malitia eorum disperdet eos: disperdet illos Dominus Deus noster.
{93:23} And he will repay them their iniquity, and he will destroy them in their malice. The Lord our God will utterly destroy them.

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