Psalm 45: Our Stronghold. To Remain Faithful In Temptation

Psalm 45: Our Stronghold. To Remain Faithful in Temptation.

Enthusiastic profession of Israel’s confidence in God. Enemies may bring armies against Jerusalem, but the Lord is inviolable in his Sanctuary. A recent illustration of this truth.

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{45:1} In finem, filiis Core pro arcanis, Psalmus.
{45:1} Unto the end. To the sons of Korah, for confidants. A Psalm.

{45:2} Deus noster refugium, et virtus: adiutor in tribulationibus, quæ invenerunt nos nimis.
{45:2} Our God is our refuge and strength, a helper in the tribulations that have greatly overwhelmed us.

{45:3} Propterea non timebimus dum turbabitur terra: et transferentur montes in cor maris.
{45:3} Because of this, we will not be afraid when the earth will be turbulent and the mountains will be transferred into the heart of the sea.

{45:4} Sonuerunt, et turbatæ sunt aquæ eorum: conturbati sunt montes in fortitudine eius.
{45:4} They thundered, and the waters were stirred up among them; the mountains have been disturbed by his strength.

{45:5} Fluminis impetus lætificat civitatem Dei: sanctificavit tabernaculum suum Altissimus.
{45:5} The frenzy of the river rejoices the city of God. The Most High has sanctified his tabernacle.

{45:6} Deus, in medio eius, non commovebitur: adiuvabit eam Deus mane diluculo.
{45:6} God is in its midst; it will not be shaken. God will assist it in the early morning.

{45:7} Conturbatæ sunt gentes, et inclinata sunt regna: dedit vocem suam, mota est terra.
{45:7} The peoples have been disturbed, and the kingdoms have been bowed down. He uttered his voice: the earth has been moved.

{45:8} Dominus virtutum nobiscum: susceptor noster Deus Iacob.
{45:8} The Lord of hosts is with us. The God of Jacob is our supporter.

{45:9} Venite, et videte opera Domini, quæ posuit prodigia super terram:
{45:9} Draw near and behold the works of the Lord: what portents he has set upon the earth,

{45:10} Auferens bella usque ad finem terræ. Arcum conteret, et confringet arma: et scuta comburet igni:
{45:10} carrying away wars even to the end of the earth. He will crush the bow and break the weapons, and he will burn the shield with fire.

{45:11} Vacate, et videte quoniam ego sum Deus: exaltabor in gentibus, et exaltabor in terra.
{45:11} Be empty, and see that I am God. I will be exalted among the peoples, and I will be exalted upon the earth.

{45:12} Dominus virtutum nobiscum: susceptor noster Deus Iacob.
{45:12} The Lord of hosts is with us. The God of Jacob is our supporter.

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