Psalm 100: A Model Ruler. To Obtain Perseverance in a Virtuous Administration.

Psalm 100: A Model Ruler. To Obtain Perseverance in a Virtuous Administration.

Resolutions of a good king. He will be guided in his rule by mercy and justice. Therefore, he will avoid all evildoers and will employ as his servants only the pure of heart.

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{100:1} Psalmus ipsi David. Misericordiam, et iudicium cantabo tibi Domine: Psallam,
{100:1} A Psalm of David himself. I will sing mercy and judgment to you, O Lord. I will sing psalms.

{100:2} et intelligam in via immaculata, quando venies ad me. Perambulabam in innocentia cordis mei, in medio domus meæ.
{100:2} And I will have understanding within the immaculate way, when you will draw near to me. I wandered about in the innocence of my heart, in the midst of my house.

{100:3} Non proponebam ante oculos meos rem iniustam: facientes prævaricationes odivi.
{100:3} I will not display any unjust thing before my eyes. I have hated those carrying out betrayals.

{100:4} Non adhæsit mihi cor pravum: declinantem a me malignum non cognoscebam.
{100:4} The perverse heart did not adhere to me. And the malignant, who turned away before me, I would not recognize.

{100:5} Detrahentem secreto proximo suo, hunc persequebar. Superbo oculo, et insatiabili corde, cum hoc non edebam.
{100:5} The one who secretly detracted his neighbor, this one I pursued. The one with an arrogant eye and an insatiable heart, with that one I would not eat.

{100:6} Oculi mei ad fideles terræ ut sedeant mecum: ambulans in via immaculata, hic mihi ministrabat.
{100:6} My eyes looked toward the faithful of the earth, to sit with me. The one walking in the immaculate way, this one ministered to me.

{100:7} Non habitabit in medio domus meæ qui facit superbiam: qui loquitur iniqua, non direxit in conspectu oculorum meorum.
{100:7} He who has acted arrogantly will not dwell in the midst of my house. He who has spoken iniquity was not guided with the sight of my eyes.

{100:8} In matutino interficiebam omnes peccatores terræ: ut disperderem de civitate Domini omnes operantes iniquitatem.
{100:8} In the morning, I executed all the sinners of the earth, so that I might scatter all the workers of iniquity from the city of the Lord.

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