intercessory prayer to saints

Prayer To One’s Patron or Any Saint

Prayer To One’s Patron or Any Saint. May be said as often as you wish. Glorious Saint (Name of Saint), you served God in humility and confidence on earth.Now you enjoy His beatific vision in heaven.You persevered till death and gained the crown of eternal life.Remember now the dangers and confusion and anguish that surround meand intercede for me in my needs and troubles,especially (mention your situation).Amen. Litaniae Sanctorum – The Litany of the Saints The Litany of the Saints is a prayer to the Triune God, which also includes invocations for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the[…]

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St. Anthony of Padua Doctor of the Church

Prayer to St Anthony of Padua, “Hammer of Heretics”

No Catholic who takes the salvation of his immortal soul seriously can ignore the intercessory power of Saint Anthony of Padua. Over and above all of the little things we ask Saint Anthony to find after we have lost them, Saint Anthony of Padua, an exemplary preacher of the truths of the Catholic Faith, must be invoked today in our times under one of his most important titles, “The Hammer of Heretics.” We may wonder at the zeal that consumed St. Anthony to proclaim the truth of Christ Jesus among the dangerous heretics, but it is no wonder that his[…]

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St Philomena Picture

Prayers to Saint Philomena. Liturgical feast day in honor of Saint Philomena – August 11th

To thee, O Great St. Philomena, we turn in our afflictions, for thou art truly worthy of the title, “Powerful with God”, who stimulates the faith and courage of the faithful, Pray for us! St. Philomena, whose name is glorified in Heaven and feared in Hell, Pray for us! St. Philomena, honoured, invoked, and recommended by Popes Gregory XVI, Ven. Pius IX, Leo XIII, and St. Pius X, Pray for us! St. Philomena, so powerful with God that thou hast excited the fury of Satan, not only at the time of thy glorious martyrdom, but even today, so that Satan’s[…]

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Prayers to Christ the King

Prayers to Christ the King – The Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ Feast Day – October 31st

Please keep these prayers to Christ the King with you, and pray for the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ and for Queenship of Mary His Mother Most Holy in our lives and in the world. “All power is given UNTO ME in heaven and in earth.”–MATT.28:18. O CHRIST, JESUS,I acknowledge Thee as Universal King.For Thee all creatures have been made. Do Thou exercise over me all the rights that Thou hast. Renew my Baptismal Vows, I renounce Satan,with all his works and pomps, including all modern heresies and errors of the Conciliar Church, and I promise to live as[…]

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Litany of Saints

Litaniae Sanctorum – The Litany of the Saints

A The Litany of the Saints (Litaniae Sanctorum) is a traditional chant in the Catholic Church that praises God and his saints. Its first recorded use was in 590 when Pope St. Gregory prescribed its usage for a public procession of thanksgiving. The Litany is a call to remember those who have gone before us and to ask their intercession. The form given below is a long standing traditional form of the Litany Saints published in the Roman Ritual, Latin-English edition in 1952. A partial indulgence is attached to the Litany of the Saints. Litaniae Sanctorum – The Litany of[…]

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Practicing Christian Religion at Home

Practicing Christian Religion at Home

The Church is not the only place for the practice of religion. The home is also a sacred place in which God must be especially honored and where the faith of Christians must be planted and fostered. “Your home is your Church.” (St. Augustine). If religion is not taught and practiced at home, the church and school will scarcely be able to preserve it. Let your home be Catholic by the presence of the crucifix and of other sacred images. Do not be content to have such articles only in the bedroom; but let the whole house show the character[…]

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Monasticism in the Catholic Church

The Mission of Monasticism in the Catholic Church

Since the early years of the Christian era, Christians have been called by Christ Himself to life in the world without being of the world (John 17:13-16). There are those who think that the contemplative life is not suited to our times and particularly to our country. Hear what Pius IX said on that subject: “The want of the American Church is religious orders of prayer. America is a young country; she has passed her infancy and is now in her youth, but before she arrives at maturity one thing is necessary,—the extension of contemplative orders, without which she will[…]

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Rosary Blessing of Rosaries

Blessing of Rosaries According to the Rite of the Order of Preachers

“The Dominican Order, which from its very beginning has been most devoted in honoring the Blessed Virgin, and by which the institution and propagation of the Confraternity of the Rosary was accomplished, holds as its inheritance all that belongs to this devotion.” – Pope Leo XIII, Ubi Primum, n. 1. Until the promulgation of Inter Oecumenici in 1964, the blessing of Rosaries was a reserved blessing, and only priests of the Dominican Order could bless them. That is why the traditional Roman Rituals do not contain a blessing for Rosaries. It would be appropriate to seek the Dominican Priest (Order of Preachers) to[…]

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How to pray the Chaplet of St Anthony of Padua

How to Pray the Chaplet of St Anthony of Padua

The Chaplet of St. Anthony is composed of thirteen groups of three beads each. On the first bead of each group is said the Our Father, on the second the Hail Mary and on the third the Glory Be. Begin by making the Sign of The Cross: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. “Behold the Cross of the Lord! Fly Ye Evil Power! The Lion of the Tribe of Juda, The Root of David has Conquered! Alleluia! Alleluia!” (St. Anthony’s Brief). During each of the thirteen sets of three beads[…]

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New Year's Day Prayer

New Year’s Day Prayer

O God, Heavenly Father of Mercy, God of all Consolation! we thank Thee that from our birth to this day, Thou hast so well pre­served us, and hast protected us in so many dangers; we beseech Thee, through the merits of Thy beloved Son, and by His sacred blood which He shed for us on this day in His circumcision, to for­give all the sins which, during the past year, we have committed against Thy commandments, by which we have aroused Thy indig­nation and wrath against ourselves. Preserve us in the coming year from all sins, and misfortunes of body[…]

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Liturgical hymns in Gregorian ChantLiturgical hymns in Gregorian Chant

Te Saeculorum Principem: Thou, Prince of all ages

Te Saeculorum Principem (Thou, Prince of all ages) is a very moving hymn, expressing love and desire for Jesus Christ and His reign over the hearts and minds of men, but also over society at large. This is a doctrine that has always been taught by the Catholic Church: namely, that Jesus Christ should reign even in the public sphere. His laws should be helped and fostered by the civil laws, which in turn should never contradict the Divine Law. Pope Pius XI and Pope Pius X, and Archbishop Lefebvre, fought against the perfidious error which spread among Church men,[…]

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Blessing of Candles - Beeswax Altar Candles

Blessing of Candles According to Traditional Roman Rite

Every Catholic household should be provided with one or more blessed candles. These candles should be of pure bees’ wax. Other kinds, such as paraffin wax and electric candles will not answer the purpose of candles prescribed by the Church. Ask your local priest about blessing any candles you may have purchased from Virgo Sacrata, according to Traditional Roman Rite. The best time to bless your candles would be the 2nd of February when the Church celebrates the festival of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This day has been chosen by the Church for a very important ceremony,[…]

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