Psalm 39: Christ's Mission. For Resignation In Adversity

Psalm 39: Christ’s Mission. For Resignation in Adversity.

Obedience and gratitude are better than legal sacrifices. God would have David make a complete sacrifice of his whole being to the eternal will. Faith assures him of divine assistance.

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{39:1} In finem, Psalmus ipsi David.
{39:1} Unto the end. A Psalm of David himself.

{39:2} Expectans expectavi Dominum, et intendit mihi.
{39:2} I have waited expectantly for the Lord, and he was attentive to me.

{39:3} Et exaudivit preces meas: et eduxit me de lacu miseriæ, et de luto fæcis. Et statuit super petram pedes meos: et direxit gressus meos.
{39:3} And he heard my prayers and he led me out of the pit of misery and the quagmire. And he stationed my feet upon a rock, and he directed my steps.

{39:4} Et immisit in os meum canticum novum, carmen Deo nostro. Videbunt multi, et timebunt: et sperabunt in Domino.
{39:4} And he sent a new canticle into my mouth, a song to our God. Many will see, and they will fear; and they will hope in the Lord.

{39:5} Beatus vir, cuius est nomen Domini spes eius: et non respexit in vanitates et insanias falsas.
{39:5} Blessed is the man whose hope is in the name of the Lord, and who has no respect for vanities and absurd falsehoods.

{39:6} Multa fecisti tu Domine Deus meus mirabilia tua: et cogitationibus tuis non est qui similis sit tibi. Annunciavi et locutus sum: multiplicati sunt super numerum.
{39:6} You have accomplished your many wonders, O Lord my God, and there is no one similar to you in your thoughts. I have announced and I have spoken: they are multiplied beyond number.

{39:7} Sacrificium et oblationem noluisti: aures autem perfecisti mihi. Holocaustum et pro peccato non postulasti:
{39:7} Sacrifice and oblation, you did not want. But you have perfected ears for me. Holocaust and sin offering, you did not require.

{39:8} tunc dixi: Ecce venio. In capite libri scriptum est de me
{39:8} Then I said, “Behold, I draw near.” At the head of the book, it has been written of me:

{39:9} ut facerem voluntatem tuam: Deus meus volui, et legem tuam in medio cordis mei.
{39:9} that I should do your will. My God, I have willed it. And your law is in the midst of my heart.

{39:10} Annunciavi iustitiam tuam in Ecclesia magna, ecce labia mea non prohibebo: Domine tu scisti.
{39:10} I have announced your justice in a great Church: behold, I will not restrain my lips. O Lord, you have known it.

{39:11} Iustitiam tuam non abscondi in corde meo: veritatem tuam et salutare tuum dixi. Non abscondi misericordiam tuam, et veritatem tuam a concilio multo.
{39:11} I have not concealed your justice within my heart. I have spoken your truth and your salvation. I have not concealed your mercy and your truth from a great assembly.

{39:12} Tu autem Domine ne longe facias miserationes tuas a me: misericordia tua et veritas tua semper susceperunt me.
{39:12} O Lord, do not take your tender mercies far from me. Your mercy and your truth ever sustain me.

{39:13} Quoniam circumdederunt me mala, quorum non est numerus: comprehenderunt me iniquitates meæ, et non potui ut viderem. Multiplicatæ sunt super capillos capitis mei: et cor meum dereliquit me.
{39:13} For evils without number have surrounded me. My iniquities have taken hold of me, and I was not able to see. They have been multiplied beyond the hairs of my head. And my heart has forsaken me.

{39:14} Complaceat tibi Domine ut eruas me: Domine, ad adiuvandum me respice.
{39:14} Be pleased, O Lord, to rescue me. Look down, O Lord, to help me.

{39:15} Confundantur et revereantur simul, qui quærunt animam meam, ut auferant eam. Convertantur retrorsum, et revereantur qui volunt mihi mala.
{39:15} Let them together be confounded and awed, who seek after my soul to steal it away. Let them be turned back and be in awe, who wish evils upon me.

{39:16} Ferant confestim confusionem suam, qui dicunt mihi: Euge, euge.
{39:16} Let them bear their confusion all at once, who say to me, “Well, well.”

{39:17} Exultent et lætentur super te omnes quærentes te: et dicant semper: Magnificetur Dominus: qui diligunt salutare tuum.
{39:17} Let all who seek you exult and rejoice over you. And let those who love your salvation always say, “May the Lord be magnified.”

{39:18} Ego autem mendicus sum, et pauper: Dominus sollicitus est mei. Adiutor meus, et protector meus tu es: Deus meus ne tardaveris.
{39:18} But I am a beggar and poor. The Lord has been concerned about me. You are my helper and my protector. My God, do not delay.

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