Psalm 1: The Happiness of the Just and the Evil State of the Wicked

Psalm 1: The Happiness of the Just and the Evil State of the Wicked

The happiness of the just man as contrasted with the misery of the wicked. In obeying the law of God he shall prosper, while the way of the wicked will end in punishment and ruin.

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{1:1} Beatus vir, qui non abiit in consilio impiorum, et in via peccatorum non stetit, et in cathedra pestilentiæ non sedit:
{1:1} Blessed is the man who has not followed the counsel of the impious, and has not remained in the way of sinners, and has not sat in the chair of pestilence.

{1:2} Sed in lege Domini voluntas eius, et in lege eius meditabitur die ac nocte.
{1:2} But his will is with the law of the Lord, and he will meditate on his law, day and night.

{1:3} Et erit tamquam lignum, quod plantatum est secus decursus aquarum, quod fructum suum dabit in tempore suo: Et folium eius non defluet: et omnia quæcumque faciet, prosperabuntur.
{1:3} And he will be like a tree that has been planted beside running waters, which will provide its fruit in its time, and its leaf will not fall away, and all things whatsoever that he does will prosper.

{1:4} Non sic impii, non sic: sed tamquam pulvis, quem proiicit ventus a facie terræ.
{1:4} Not so the impious, not so. For they are like the dust that the wind casts along the face of the earth.

{1:5} Ideo non resurgent impii in iudicio: neque peccatores in concilio iustorum.
{1:5} Therefore, the impious will not prevail again in judgment, nor sinners in the council of the just.

{1:6} Quoniam novit Dominus viam iustorum: et iter impiorum peribit.
{1:6} For the Lord knows the way of the just. And the path of the impious will pass away.

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