Psalm 10: Security of the Just. When Tempted by Discouragement

Psalm 10: Security of the Just. When Tempted by Discouragement.

Confidence in God, the just man’s shield against those who plot his death. God rewards the just, but dreadful punishments are in store for the wicked.

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{10:1} In finem, Psalmus David.
{10:1} Unto the end. A Psalm of David.

{10:2} In Domino confido: quomodo dicitis animæ meæ: Transmigra in montem sicut passer?
{10:2} I trust in the Lord. How can you say to my soul, “Sojourn to the mountain, like a sparrow.”

{10:3} Quoniam ecce peccatores intenderunt arcum, paraverunt sagittas suas in pharetra, ut sagittent in obscuro rectos corde.
{10:3} For behold, the sinners have bent their bow. They have prepared their arrows in the quiver, so as to shoot arrows in the dark at the upright of heart.

{10:4} Quoniam quæ perfecisti, destruxerunt: iustus autem quid fecit?
{10:4} For they have destroyed the things that you have completed. But what has the just one done?

{10:5} Dominus in templo sancto suo, Dominus in cælo sedes eius: Oculi eius in pauperem respiciunt: palpebræ eius interrogant filios hominum.
{10:5} The Lord is in his holy temple. The Lord’s throne is in heaven. His eyes look upon the poor. His eyelids question the sons of men.

{10:6} Dominus interrogat iustum et impium: qui autem diligit iniquitatem, odit animam suam.
{10:6} The Lord questions the just and the impious. Yet he who loves iniquity, hates his own soul.

{10:7} Pluet super peccatores laqueos: ignis, et sulphur, et spiritus procellarum pars calicis eorum.
{10:7} He will rain down snares upon sinners. Fire and brimstone and windstorms will be the portion of their cup.

{10:8} Quoniam iustus Dominus et iustitias dilexit: æquitatem vidit vultus eius.
{10:8} For the Lord is just, and he has chosen justice. His countenance has beheld equity.

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