Psalm 48: Emptiness of Riches

Psalm 48: Emptiness of Riches. For Those Who Envy The Prosperity of the Wicked.

Wealth is of no avail to the wicked. By it they cannot prolong their life, and when they die they must leave it behind for others to enjoy.

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Psalm 48: Prayer Audio in Latin

{48:1} In finem, filiis Core Psalmus.
{48:1} Unto the end. A Psalm to the sons of Korah.

{48:2} Audite hæc omnes gentes: auribus percipite omnes, qui habitatis orbem:
{48:2} Hear these things, all nations. Pay attention, all inhabitants of the world:

{48:3} Quique terrigenæ, et filii hominum: simul in unum dives et pauper.
{48:3} whoever is earth-born, you sons of men, together as one, the rich and the poor.

{48:4} Os meum loquetur sapientiam: et meditatio cordis mei prudentiam.
{48:4} My mouth will speak wisdom, and the meditation of my heart will speak prudence.

{48:5} Inclinabo in parabolam aurem meam: aperiam in psalterio propositionem meam.
{48:5} I will incline my ear to a parable. I will open my case with the psaltery.

{48:6} Cur timebo in die mala? iniquitas calcanei mei circumdabit me:
{48:6} Why should I fear in the evil day? The iniquity at my heel will surround me.

{48:7} Qui confidunt in virtute sua: et in multitudine divitiarum suarum gloriantur.
{48:7} Those who trust in their own strength and who glory in the multitude of their riches,

{48:8} Frater non redimit, redimet homo: non dabit Deo placationem suam.
{48:8} no brother redeems, nor will man buy back. He will not give to God his appeasement,

{48:9} Et pretium redemptionis animæ suæ: et laborabit in æternum,
{48:9} nor the price for the redemption of his soul. And he will labor continuously,

{48:10} et vivet adhuc in finem.
{48:10} and he will still live, until the end.

{48:11} Non videbit interitum, cum viderit sapientes morientes: simul insipiens, et stultus peribunt. Et relinquent alienis divitias suas:
{48:11} He will not see death, when he sees the wise dying: the foolish and the senseless will perish together. And they will leave their riches to strangers.

{48:12} et sepulchra eorum domus illorum in æternum. Tabernacula eorum in progenie, et progenie: vocaverunt nomina sua in terris suis.
{48:12} And their sepulchers will be their houses forever, their tabernacles from generation to generation. They have called their names in their own lands.

{48:13} Et homo, cum in honore esset, non intellexit: comparatus est iumentis insipientibus, et similis factus est illis.
{48:13} And man, when he was held in honor, did not understand. He has been compared to the senseless beasts, and he has become like them.

{48:14} Hæc via illorum scandalum ipsis: et postea in ore suo complacebunt.
{48:14} This way of theirs is a scandal to them. And afterwards, they will delight in their mouth.

{48:15} Sicut oves in inferno positi sunt: mors depascet eos. Et dominabuntur eorum iusti in matutino: et auxilium eorum veterascet in inferno a gloria eorum.
{48:15} They have been placed in Hell like sheep. Death will feed on them. And the just will have dominion over them in the morning. And their help will grow old in Hell for their glory.

{48:16} Verumtamen Deus redimet animam meam de manu inferi, cum acceperit me.
{48:16} Even so, truly God will redeem my soul from the hand of Hell, when he will receive me.

{48:17} Ne timueris cum dives factus fuerit homo: et cum multiplicata fuerit gloria domus eius.
{48:17} Do not be afraid, when a man will have been made rich, and when the glory of his house will have been multiplied.

{48:18} Quoniam cum interierit, non sumet omnia: neque descendet cum eo gloria eius.
{48:18} For when he dies, he will take nothing away, and his glory will not descend with him.

{48:19} Quia anima eius in vita ipsius benedicetur: confitebitur tibi cum benefeceris ei.
{48:19} For his soul will be blessed in his lifetime, and he will admit to you when you do good to him.

{48:20} Introibit usque in progenies patrum suorum: et usque in æternum non videbit lumen.
{48:20} He will even enter with the progeny of his fathers, but, even in eternity, he will not see the light.

{48:21} Homo, cum in honore esset, non intellexit: comparatus est iumentis insipientibus, et similis factus est illis.
{48:21} Man, when he was in honor, did not understand. He has been compared to the senseless beasts, and he has become like them.

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