Psalm 19: Invoking God's blessings. To Obtain Grace in a Spiritual Conflict.

Psalm 19: Invoking God’s blessings. To Obtain Grace in a Spiritual Conflict.

A prayer for victory when the king is about to go forth to battle. He is confident of success because he has put his trust in God.

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{19:1} In finem, Psalmus David.
{19:1} Unto the end. A Psalm of David.

{19:2} Exaudiat te Dominus in die tribulationis: protegat te nomen Dei Iacob.
{19:2} May the Lord hear you in the day of tribulation. May the name of the God of Jacob protect you.

{19:3} Mittat tibi auxilium de sancto: et de Sion tueatur te.
{19:3} May he send you help from the sanctuary and watch over you from Zion.

{19:4} Memor sit omnis sacrificii tui: et holocaustum tuum pingue fiat.
{19:4} May he be mindful of all your sacrifices, and may your burnt-offerings be fat.

{19:5} Tribuat tibi secundum cor tuum: et omne consilium tuum confirmet.
{19:5} May he grant to you according to your heart, and confirm all your counsels.

{19:6} Lætabimur in salutari tuo: et in nomine Dei nostri magnificabimur.
{19:6} We will rejoice in your salvation, and in the name of our God, we will be magnified.

{19:7} Impleat Dominus omnes petitiones tuas: nunc cognovi quoniam salvum fecit Dominus CHRISTUM suum. Exaudiet illum de cælo sancto suo: in potentatibus salus dexteræ eius.
{19:7} May the Lord fulfill all your petitions. Now I know that the Lord has saved his Christ. He will hear him from his holy heaven. The salvation of his right hand is in his power.

{19:8} Hi in curribus, et hi in equis: nos autem in nomine Domini Dei nostri invocabimus.
{19:8} Some trust in chariots, and some in horses, but we will call upon the name of the Lord our God.

{19:9} Ipsi obligati sunt, et ceciderunt: nos autem surreximus et erecti sumus.
{19:9} They have been bound, and they have fallen. But we have risen up, and we have been set upright.

{19:10} Domine salvum fac regem: et exaudi nos in die, qua invocaverimus te.
{19:10} O Lord, save the king, and hear us on the day that we will call upon you.

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