God's judgement

Psalm 63: Evil Designs Frustrated. For Those Suffering From Men of Ill-Will.

God’s judgement will overtake the enemies of the just. Their wicked plans against the innocent are futile. The latter are therefore strengthened by their trust in God.

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Psalm 63: Prayer Audio in Latin

{63:1} In finem, Psalmus David.
{63:1} Unto the end. A Psalm of David.

{63:2} Exaudi Deus orationem meam cum deprecor: a timore inimici eripe animam meam.
{63:2} Hear, O God, my prayer of supplication. Rescue my soul from the fear of the enemy.

{63:3} Protexisti me a conventu malignantium: a multitudine operantium iniquitatem.
{63:3} You have protected me from the assembly of the malignant, from a multitude of workers of iniquity.

{63:4} Quia exacuerunt ut gladium linguas suas: intenderunt arcum rem amaram,
{63:4} For they have sharpened their tongues like a sword; they have formed their bow into a bitter thing,

{63:5} ut sagittent in occultis immaculatum.
{63:5} so that they may shoot arrows from hiding at the immaculate.

{63:6} Subito sagittabunt eum, et non timebunt: firmaverunt sibi sermonem nequam. Narraverunt ut absconderent laqueos: dixerunt: Quis videbit eos?
{63:6} They will suddenly shoot arrows at him, and they will not be afraid. They are resolute in their wicked talk. They have discussed hidden snares. They have said, “Who will see them?”

{63:7} Scrutati sunt iniquitates: defecerunt scrutantes scrutinio. Accedet homo ad cor altum:
{63:7} They have been searching carefully for iniquities. Their exhaustive search has failed. Man will approach with a deep heart,

{63:8} et exaltabitur Deus. Sagittæ parvulorum factæ sunt plagæ eorum:
{63:8} and God will be exalted. The arrows of the little ones have become their wounds,

{63:9} et infirmatæ sunt contra eos linguæ eorum. Conturbati sunt omnes qui videbant eos:
{63:9} and their tongues have been weakened against them. All those who saw them have been troubled;

{63:10} et timuit omnis homo. Et annunciaverunt opera Dei: et facta eius intellexerunt.
{63:10} and every man was afraid. And they announced the works of God, and they understood his acts.

{63:11} Lætabitur iustus in Domino, et sperabit in eo, et laudabuntur omnes recti corde.
{63:11} The just will rejoice in the Lord, and they will hope in him. And all the upright of heart will be praised.

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