PSALM 67: Glorious Victories

Psalm 67: Glorious Victories. Thanksgiving For Past Victories.

The triumph of God over his foes. The psalm describes the triumphal procession of God in the Ark of the Covenant from Egypt to Mount Sion, whence he extends his rule over the whole world.

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{67:1} In finem, Psalmus Cantici ipsi David.
{67:1} Unto the end. A Canticle Psalm of David himself.

{67:2} Exurgat Deus, et dissipentur inimici eius, et fugiant qui oderunt eum, a facie eius.
{67:2} May God rise up, and may his enemies be scattered, and may those who hate him flee from before his face.

{67:3} Sicut deficit fumus, deficiant: sicut fluit cera a facie ignis, sic pereant peccatores a facie Dei.
{67:3} Just as smoke vanishes, so may they vanish. Just as wax flows away before the face of fire, so may sinners pass away before the face of God.

{67:4} Et iusti epulentur, et exultent in conspectu Dei: et delectentur in lætitia.
{67:4} And so, let the just feast, and let them exult in the sight of God and be delighted in gladness.

{67:5} Cantate Deo, psalmum dicite nomini eius: iter facite ei, qui ascendit super occasum: Dominus nomen illi. Exultate in conspectu eius, turbabuntur a facie eius,
{67:5} Sing to God, sing a psalm to his name. Make a path for him, who ascends over the west. The Lord is his name. Exult in his sight; they will be stirred up before his face,

{67:6} patris orphanorum, et iudicis viduarum. Deus in loco sancto suo:
{67:6} the father of orphans and the judge of widows. God is in his holy place.

{67:7} Deus qui inhabitare facit unius moris in domo: Qui educit vinctos in fortitudine, similiter eos, qui exasperant, qui habitant in sepulchris.
{67:7} It is God who makes men dwell in a house under one custom. He leads out those who are strongly bound, and similarly, those who exasperate, who dwell in sepulchers.

{67:8} Deus cum egredereris in conspectu populi tui, cum pertransires in deserto,
{67:8} O God, when you departed in the sight of your people, when you passed through the desert,

{67:9} terra mota est, etenim cæli distillaverunt a facie Dei Sinai, a facie Dei Israel.
{67:9} the earth was moved, for the heavens rained down before the face of the God of Sinai, before the face of the God of Israel.

{67:10} Pluviam voluntariam segregabis Deus hereditati tuæ: et infirmata est, tu vero perfecisti eam.
{67:10} You will set aside for your inheritance, O God, a willing rain. And though it was weak, truly, you have made it perfect.

{67:11} Animalia tua habitabunt in ea: parasti in dulcedine tua pauperi, Deus.
{67:11} Your animals will dwell in it. O God, in your sweetness, you have provided for the poor.

{67:12} Dominus dabit verbum evangelizantibus, virtute multa.
{67:12} The Lord will give the word to evangelizers, along with great virtue.

{67:13} Rex virtutum dilecti dilecti: et speciei domus dividere spolia.
{67:13} The King of virtue is beloved among the beloved. And the beauty of the house will divide spoils.

{67:14} Si dormiatis inter medios cleros, pennæ columbæ deargentatæ, et posteriora dorsi eius in pallore auri.
{67:14} If you take your rest in the midst of the clergy, you will be like a dove whose wings are covered with fine silver and edged with pale gold.

{67:15} Dum discernit cælestis reges super eam, nive dealbabuntur in Selmon:
{67:15} When heaven discerns kings to be over her, they will be whitened with the snows of Zalmon.

{67:16} mons Dei, mons pinguis. Mons coagulatus, mons pinguis:
{67:16} The mountain of God is a fat mountain, a dense mountain, a thick mountain.

{67:17} ut quid suspicamini montes coagulatos? Mons, in quo beneplacitum est Deo habitare in eo: etenim Dominus habitabit in finem.
{67:17} So then, why are you distrustful of dense mountains? The mountain on which God is well pleased to dwell, even there, the Lord will dwell until the end.

{67:18} Currus Dei decem millibus multiplex, millia lætantium: Dominus in eis in Sina in sancto.
{67:18} The chariot of God is ten thousand fold: thousands rejoice. The Lord is with them in Sinai, in the holy place.

{67:19} Ascendisti in altum, cepisti captivitatem: accepisti dona in hominibus: Etenim non credentes, inhabitare Dominum Deum.
{67:19} You have ascended on high; you have taken captivity captive. You have accepted gifts among men. For even those who do not believe dwell with the Lord God.

{67:20} Benedictus Dominus die quotidie: prosperum iter faciet nobis Deus salutarium nostrorum.
{67:20} Blessed is the Lord, day after day. The God of our salvation will make our journey prosper for us.

{67:21} Deus noster, Deus salvos faciendi: et Domini, Domini exitus mortis.
{67:21} Our God is the God who will bring about our salvation, and our Lord is the Lord who has brought an end to death.

{67:22} Verumtamen Deus confringet capita inimicorum suorum: verticem capilli perambulantium in delictis suis.
{67:22} So then, truly, God will break the heads of his enemies, the hairy skull of those who wander around in their offenses.

{67:23} Dixit Dominus: Ex Basan convertam, convertam in profundum maris:
{67:23} The Lord said: I will turn them away from Bashan, I will turn them into the depths of the sea,

{67:24} Ut intingatur pes tuus in sanguine: lingua canum tuorum ex inimicis, ab ipso.
{67:24} so that your feet may be soaked in the blood of your enemies, so that the tongue of your dogs may be soaked with the same.

{67:25} Viderunt ingressus tuos Deus, ingressus Dei mei: regis mei qui est in sancto.
{67:25} O God, they have seen your arrival, the arrival of my God, of my king who is in a holy place.

{67:26} Prævenerunt principes coniuncti psallentibus, in medio iuvencularum tympanistriarum.
{67:26} The leaders went ahead, united with the singers of psalms, in the midst of girls playing on timbrels.

{67:27} In ecclesiis, benedicite Deo Domino, de fontibus Israel.
{67:27} In the churches, bless the Lord God from the fountains of Israel.

{67:28} Ibi Beniamin adolescentulus, in mentis excessu. Principes Iuda, duces eorum: principes Zabulon, principes Nephthali.
{67:28} In that place, Benjamin is a youth in ecstasy of mind. The leaders of Judah are their governors: the leaders of Zebulun, the leaders of Naphtali.

{67:29} Manda Deus virtuti tuæ: confirma hoc Deus, quod operatus es in nobis.
{67:29} Command by your virtue, O God. Confirm in this place, O God, what you have wrought in us.

{67:30} A templo tuo in Ierusalem, tibi offerent reges munera.
{67:30} Before your temple in Jerusalem, kings will offer gifts to you.

{67:31} Increpa feras arundinis, congregatio taurorum in vaccis populorum: ut excludant eos, qui probati sunt argento. Dissipa gentes, quæ bella volunt:
{67:31} Rebuke the wild beasts of the reeds, a congregation of bulls with the cows of the people, for they seek to exclude those who have been tested like silver. Scatter the nations that are pleased by wars.

{67:32} venient legati ex Ægypto: Æthiopia præveniet manus eius Deo.
{67:32} Ambassadors will come out of Egypt. Ethiopia will offer in advance her hands to God.

{67:33} Regna terræ, cantate Deo: psallite Domino: psallite Deo.
{67:33} Sing to God, O kingdoms of the earth. Sing psalms to the Lord. Sing psalms to God.

{67:34} qui ascendit super cælum cæli, ad Orientem. Ecce dabit voci suæ vocem virtutis,
{67:34} He ascends, up to the heaven of the heavens, toward the east. Behold, he will utter his voice, the voice of virtue.

{67:35} date gloriam Deo super Israel, magnificentia eius, et virtus eius in nubibus.
{67:35} Give glory to God beyond Israel. His magnificence and his virtue is in the clouds.

{67:36} Mirabilis Deus in sanctis suis, Deus Israel ipse dabit virtutem, et fortitudinem plebi suæ, benedictus Deus.
{67:36} God is wonderful in his saints. The God of Israel himself will give virtue and strength to his people. Blessed is God.

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