Psalm 98: To Obtain Zeal for Personal Sanctity.

Psalm 98: Holiness of the King. To Obtain Zeal for Personal Sanctity.

God’s enthronement in Sion as King of the universe. The Lord is a great King, yet merciful to all who call upon Him, as can be seen from the Patriarchs whose prayers He heard.

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Psalm 98: Prayer Audio in Latin

{98:1} Psalmus ipsi David. Dominus regnavit, irascantur populi: qui sedet super cherubim, moveatur terra.
{98:1} A Psalm of David himself. The Lord has reigned: let the peoples be angry. He sits upon the cherubim: let the earth be moved.

{98:2} Dominus in Sion magnus: et excelsus super omnes populos.
{98:2} The Lord is great in Zion, and he is high above all peoples.

{98:3} Confiteantur nomini tuo magno: quoniam terribile, et sanctum est:
{98:3} May they confess to your great name, for it is terrible and holy.

{98:4} et honor regis iudicium diligit. Tu parasti directiones: iudicium et iustitiam in Iacob tu fecisti.
{98:4} And the honor of the king loves judgment. You have prepared guidance. You have accomplished judgment and justice in Jacob.

{98:5} Exaltate Dominum Deum nostrum, et adorate scabellum pedum eius: quoniam sanctum est.
{98:5} Exalt the Lord our God, and adore the footstool of his feet, for it is holy.

{98:6} Moyses et Aaron in sacerdotibus eius: et Samuel inter eos, qui invocant nomen eius: Invocabant Dominum, et ipse exaudiebat eos:
{98:6} Moses and Aaron are among his priests, and Samuel is among those who call upon his name. They called upon the Lord, and he heeded them.

{98:7} in columna nubis loquebatur ad eos. Custodiebant testimonia eius, et præceptum quod dedit illis.
{98:7} He spoke to them in the pillar of the cloud. They kept his testimonies and the precept that he gave them.

{98:8} Domine Deus noster tu exaudiebas eos: Deus tu propitius fuisti eis, et ulciscens in omnes adinventiones eorum.
{98:8} You heeded them, O Lord our God. You were a forgiving God to them, though taking vengeance on all their inventions.

{98:9} Exaltate Dominum Deum nostrum, et adorate in monte sancto eius: quoniam sanctus Dominus Deus noster.
{98:9} Exalt the Lord our God, and adore on his holy mountain. For the Lord our God is holy.

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