Psalm 16: The Afflicted. For Those Who Suffer Persecution

Psalm 16: The Afflicted. For Those Who Suffer Persecution.

A prayer for justice against ruthless enemies. Declaring his innocence the psalmist feels confident that God will protect him. Unlike his enemies his finds satisfaction in God alone.

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{16:1} Oratio David. Exaudi Domine iustitiam meam: intende deprecationem meam. Auribus percipe orationem meam, non in labiis dolosis.
{16:1} A Prayer of David. Lord, listen to my justice, attend to my supplication. Pay attention to my prayer, which is not from deceitful lips.

{16:2} De vultu tuo iudicium meum prodeat: oculi tui videant æquitates.
{16:2} Let my judgment proceed from your presence. Let your eyes behold fairness.

{16:3} Probasti cor meum, et visitasti nocte: igne me examinasti, et non est inventa in me iniquitas.
{16:3} You have tested my heart and visited it by night. You have examined me by fire, and iniquity has not been found in me.

{16:4} Ut non loquatur os meum opera hominum: propter verba labiorum tuorum ego custodivi vias duras.
{16:4} Therefore, may my mouth not speak the works of men. I have kept to difficult ways because of the words of your lips.

{16:5} Perfice gressus meos in semitis tuis: ut non moveantur vestigia mea.
{16:5} Perfect my steps in your paths, so that my footsteps may not be disturbed.

{16:6} Ego clamavi, quoniam exaudisti me Deus: inclina aurem tuam mihi, et exaudi verba mea.
{16:6} I have cried out because you, O God, have listened to me. Incline your ear to me and heed my words.

{16:7} Mirifica misericordias tuas, qui salvos facis sperantes in te.
{16:7} Make your mercies wonderful, for you save those who hope in you.

{16:8} A resistentibus dexteræ tuæ custodi me, ut pupillam oculi. Sub umbra alarum tuarum protege me:
{16:8} From those who resist your right hand, preserve me like the pupil of your eye. Protect me under the shadow of your wings,

{16:9} a facie impiorum qui me afflixerunt. Inimici mei animam meam circumdederunt,
{16:9} from the face of the impious who have afflicted me. My enemies have surrounded my soul.

{16:10} adipem suum concluserunt: os eorum locutum est superbiam.
{16:10} They have concealed their fatness; their mouth has been speaking arrogantly.

{16:11} Proiicientes me nunc circumdederunt me: oculos suos statuerunt declinare in terram.
{16:11} They have cast me out, and now they have surrounded me. They have cast their eyes down to the earth.

~ They look down on other people, even the whole world. They put on the mask of false humility, casting their eyes downward, as if humble, while they act with self-exaltation and condescension.

{16:12} Susceperunt me sicut leo paratus ad prædam: et sicut catulus leonis habitans in abditis.
{16:12} They have taken me, like a lion ready for the prey, and like a young lion dwelling in hiding.

{16:13} Exurge Domine, præveni eum, et supplanta eum: eripe animam meam ab impio, frameam tuam ab inimicis manus tuæ.
{16:13} Rise up, O Lord, arrive before him and displace him. Deliver my soul from the impious one: your spear from the enemies of your hand.

{16:14} Domine a paucis de terra divide eos in vita eorum: de absconditis tuis adimpletus est venter eorum. Saturati sunt filiis: et dimiserunt reliquias suas parvulis suis.
{16:14} Lord, divide them from the few of the earth in their life. Their gut has been filled from your hidden stores. They have been filled with sons, and they have bequeathed to their little ones the remainder.

{16:15} Ego autem in iustitia apparebo conspectui tuo: satiabor cum apparuerit gloria tua.
{16:15} But as for me, I will appear before your sight in justice. I will be satisfied when your glory appears.

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