Psalm 82: For Help Against the Enemies of the Church.

Psalm 82: Against Israel’s Enemies. For Help Against the Enemies of the Church.

Israel’s enemies band together from all sides against her, bent upon her destruction. Confident that God will not abandon his people, the psalmist invokes God’s vengeance upon the foe.

Psalm 82: Prayer Audio in Latin

{82:1} Canticum Psalmi Asaph.
{82:1} A Canticle Psalm of Asaph.

{82:2} Deus, quis similis erit tibi? ne taceas, neque compescaris Deus:
{82:2} O God, who will ever be like you? Do not be silent, and do not be unmoved, O God.

{82:3} Quoniam ecce inimici tui sonuerunt: et qui oderunt te, extulerunt caput.
{82:3} For behold, your enemies have sounded off, and those who hate you have carried out a head.

{82:4} Super populum tuum malignaverunt consilium: et cogitaverunt adversus sanctos tuos.
{82:4} They have acted with malice in counsel over your people, and they have plotted against your holy ones.

{82:5} Dixerunt: Venite, et disperdamus eos de gente: et non memoretur nomen Israel ultra.
{82:5} They have said, “Come, let us scatter them from the nations and not allow the name of Israel to be remembered any longer.”

{82:6} Quoniam cogitaverunt unanimiter: simul adversum te testamentum disposuerunt,
{82:6} For they plotted unanimously. Joined together against you, they ordained a covenant:

{82:7} tabernacula Idumæorum et Ismahelitæ: Moab, et Agareni,
{82:7} the tabernacle of Edomites and Ishmaelites, and Moab and the Hagarites,

{82:8} Gebal, et Ammon, et Amalec: alienigenæ cum habitantibus Tyrum.
{82:8} and Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek, the foreigners among the inhabitants of Tyre.

{82:9} Etenim Assur venit cum illis: facti sunt in adiutorium filiis Lot.
{82:9} For even Assur comes with them. They have become the helpers of the sons of Lot.

{82:10} Fac illis sicut Madian et Sisaræ: sicut Iabin in torrente Cisson.
{82:10} Do to them as you did to Midian and Sisera, just as to Jabin at the torrent of Kishon.

{82:11} Disperierunt in Endor: facti sunt ut stercus terræ.
{82:11} They perished at Endor, and they became like the dung of the earth.

{82:12} Pone principes eorum sicut Oreb, et Zeb, et Zebee, et Salmana: Omnes principes eorum:
{82:12} Set their leaders to be like Oreb and Zeeb, and Zebah and Zalmunna: all their leaders

{82:13} qui dixerunt: Hereditate possideamus Sanctuarium Dei.
{82:13} who said, “Let us possess the Sanctuary of God for an inheritance.”

{82:14} Deus meus pone illos ut rotam: et sicut stipulam ante faciem venti.
{82:14} My God, set them like a wheel, and like stubble before the face of the wind.

{82:15} Sicut ignis, qui comburit silvam: et sicut flamma comburens montes:
{82:15} Set them like a fire burning up the forest, and like a flame burning up the mountains.

{82:16} Ita persequeris illos in tempestate tua: et in ira tua turbabis eos.
{82:16} So will you pursue them in your tempest, and disturb them in your wrath.

{82:17} Imple facies eorum ignominia: et quærent nomen tuum, Domine.
{82:17} Fill their faces with shame, and they will seek your name, O Lord.

{82:18} Erubescant, et conturbentur in sæculum sæculi: et confundantur, et pereant.
{82:18} Let them be ashamed and troubled, from age to age, and let them be confounded and perish.

{82:19} Et cognoscant quia nomen tibi Dominus: tu solus Altissimus in omni terra.
{82:19} And let them know that the Lord is your name. You alone are the Most High in all the earth.

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