Psalm 96: For the Conversion of Idolaters

Psalm 96: Deeds of the King. For the Conversion of Idolaters.

God, King of the world. He rules with justice to the joy of all the just. He confounds those who worship idols, but he watches over the just and saves them from the wicked.

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{96:1} Huic David, Quando terra eius restituta est. Dominus regnavit, exultet terra: lætentur insulæ multæ.
{96:1} This is to David, when his land was restored to him. The Lord has reigned, let the earth exult. Let the many islands rejoice.

{96:2} Nubes, et caligo in circuitu eius: iustitia, et iudicium correctio sedis eius.
{96:2} Clouds and mist are all around him. Justice and judgment are corrections from his throne.

{96:3} Ignis ante ipsum præcedet, et inflammabit in circuitu inimicos eius.
{96:3} A fire will precede him, and it will enflame his enemies all around.

{96:4} Illuxerunt fulgura eius orbi terræ: vidit, et commota est terra.
{96:4} His lightnings have enlightened the whole world. The earth saw, and it was shaken.

{96:5} Montes, sicut cera fluxerunt a facie Domini: a facie Domini omnis terra.
{96:5} The mountains flowed like wax before the face of the Lord, before the face of the Lord of all the earth.

{96:6} Annunciaverunt cæli iustitiam eius: et viderunt omnes populi gloriam eius.
{96:6} The heavens announced his justice, and all peoples saw his glory.

{96:7} Confundantur omnes, qui adorant sculptilia: et qui gloriantur in simulacris suis. Adorate eum omnes angeli eius:
{96:7} May all those who adore graven images be confounded, along with those who glory in their false images. All you his Angels: Adore him.

{96:8} audivit, et lætata est Sion. Et exultaverunt filiæ Iudæ, propter iudicia tua Domine:
{96:8} Zion heard, and was glad. And the daughters of Judah exulted because of your judgments, O Lord.

{96:9} Quoniam tu Dominus altissimus super omnem terram: nimis exaltatus es super omnes deos.
{96:9} For you are the Most High Lord over all the earth. You are greatly exalted above all gods.

{96:10} Qui diligitis Dominum, odite malum: custodit Dominus animas sanctorum suorum, de manu peccatoris liberabit eos.
{96:10} You who love the Lord: hate evil. The Lord watches over the souls of his holy ones. He will free them from the hand of the sinner.

{96:11} Lux orta est iusto, et rectis corde lætitia.
{96:11} The light has risen for the just, and joy for the upright of heart.

{96:12} Lætamini iusti in Domino: et confitemini memoriæ sanctificationis eius.
{96:12} Rejoice in the Lord, you just ones, and confess to the memory of his sanctuary.

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