Secure Outdoor Sculpture

How to Secure Outdoor Sculpture

To secure outdoor sculpture, our manufacturer recommends rebar technique if you wish to make a more permanent mounting.

The following guide applies to statues available from Virgo Sacrata, made of fiberglass resin or fiber stone. The combination of the fiber and resin/cast stone provides greater strength, and makes a product suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Please remember, while resin and cast stone are strong and durable, nature can be stronger. A little maintenance and care will keep your statuary investments beautiful for years to come.

Most installations are done using concrete, but these same procedures apply for granite or other stone foundation as well.

Rebar Installation

Materials Required: 4 feet of 3/8″ diameter rebar, Bondo, Drill


  1. Cut rebar to desired length. Probably around 2′ each. At least 1′ should
    be inside the base of the statue for adequate strength.
  2. Mark a spot on each side of the interior base of the statue to place the
    rebar. This spot should have at least 6″ of surface area to attach the rebar.
  3. Get one piece of rebar in position, then mix the bondo (Follow Bondo
    Directions). Apply the bondo liberally to the rebar and interior of the statue
    to create a good bond all the way around the
    rebar. Hold in position until the bondo is hard. The rebar must be vertically
    aligned with the statue and/or perpendicular to the base. Follow the same
    steps for the other sides. Make sure the two rebar are parallel to each
    other. This will make placing them in your base easier.
  4. Next drill holes that correspond to the rebar in the cement base. The
    holes should be larger than 3/8″ diameter. Make the holes slightly deeper
    than the length the rebar protrudes from the base of the statue.
  5. Pour mixed bondo in the holes. Carefully align the rebar with the holes
    and stand the statue up vertical. The rebar should fit in the holes perfectly.
    Make sure the statue sits flat. Let the statue sit for a few hours to dry
    properly. At this point your statue should be cemented in place

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In the video below, you can also learn how to make a form for a new concrete base for a large statue, and then mix and cast the concrete.


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