Meditation Psalm

Psalm 76: Meditation. For Those Complaining of Their Sufferings.

The sad state of chosen people raises a doubt in the psalmist’s mind concerning God’s promises, but the thought of Israel’s glorious past gives him hope for the future.

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Psalm 76: Prayer Audio in Latin

{76:1} In finem, pro Idithun, Psalmus Asaph.
{76:1} Unto the end. For Jeduthun. A Psalm of Asaph.

{76:2} Voce mea ad Dominum clamavi: voce mea ad Deum, et intendit mihi.
{76:2} I cried out to the Lord with my voice, to God with my voice, and he attended to me.

{76:3} In die tribulationis meæ Deum exquisivi, manibus meis nocte contra eum: et non sum deceptus. Renuit consolari anima mea,
{76:3} In the days of my tribulation, I sought God, with my hands opposite him in the night, and I was not deceived. My soul refused to be consoled.

{76:4} memor fui Dei, et delectatus sum, et exercitatus sum: et defecit spiritus meus.
{76:4} I was mindful of God, and I was delighted, and I was distressed, and my spirit fell away.

{76:5} Anticipaverunt vigilias oculi mei: turbatus sum, et non sum locutus.
{76:5} My eyes anticipated the vigils. I was disturbed, and I did not speak.

{76:6} Cogitavi dies antiquos: et annos æternos in mente habui.
{76:6} I considered the days of antiquity, and I held the years of eternity in my mind.

{76:7} Et meditatus sum nocte cum corde meo, et exercitabar, et scopebam spiritum meum.
{76:7} And I meditated in the night with my heart, and I was distressed, and I examined my spirit.

{76:8} Numquid in æternum proiiciet Deus: aut non apponet ut complacitior sit adhuc?
{76:8} So then, will God reject for eternity? Will he not continue to allow himself to show favor?

{76:9} Aut in finem misericordiam suam abscindet, a generatione in generationem?
{76:9} Or, will he cut off his mercy in the end, from generation to generation?

{76:10} Aut obliviscetur misereri Deus? aut continebit in ira sua misericordias suas?
{76:10} And would God ever forget to be merciful? Or, would he, in his wrath, restrict his mercies?

{76:11} Et dixi nunc cœpi: hæc mutatio dexteræ Excelsi.
{76:11} And I said, “Now I have begun. This change is from the right hand of the Most High.”

{76:12} Memor fui operum Domini: quia memor ero ab initio mirabilium tuorum,
{76:12} I was mindful of the works of the Lord. For I will be mindful from the beginning of your wonders,

{76:13} et meditabor in omnibus operibus tuis: et in adinventionibus tuis exercebor.
{76:13} and I will meditate on all your works. And I will take part in your intentions.

{76:14} Deus in sancto via tua: quis Deus magnus sicut Deus noster?
{76:14} Your way, O God, is in what is holy. Which God is great like our God?

{76:15} Tu es Deus qui facis mirabilia. Notam fecisti in populis virtutem tuam:
{76:15} You are the God who performs miracles. You have made your virtue known among the peoples.

{76:16} redemisti in brachio tuo populum tuum, filios Iacob, et Ioseph.
{76:16} With your arm, you have redeemed your people, the sons of Jacob and of Joseph.

{76:17} Viderunt te aquæ Deus, viderunt te aquæ: et timuerunt, et turbatæ sunt abyssi.
{76:17} The waters saw you, O God, the waters saw you, and they were afraid, and the depths were stirred up.

{76:18} Multitudo sonitus aquarum: vocem dederunt nubes. Etenim sagittæ tuæ transeunt:
{76:18} Great was the sound of the waters. The clouds uttered a voice. For your arrows also pass by.

{76:19} vox tonitrui tui in rota. Illuxerunt coruscationes tuæ orbi terræ: commota est et contremuit terra.
{76:19} The voice of your thunder is like a wheel. Your flashes have illuminated the whole world. The earth has quaked and trembled.

{76:20} In mari via tua, et semitæ tuæ in aquis multis: et vestigia tua non cognoscentur.
{76:20} Your way is through the sea, and your paths are through many waters. And your traces will not be known.

{76:21} Deduxisti sicut oves populum tuum, in manu Moysi et Aaron.
{76:21} You have conducted your people like sheep, by the hand of Moses and Aaron.

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