Psalm 128: Hope Built On Past. Victorious In Oppression.

Psalm 128: Hope Built on Past. Victorious in Oppression.

Thanksgiving with a prayer for the destruction of the present enemies of Israel. In times past she suffered continually from oppression and the enemy never prevailed, neither shall he now.

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{128:1} Canticum graduum. Sæpe expugnaverunt me a iuventute mea, dicat nunc Israel.
{128:1} A Canticle in steps. They have often fought against me from my youth, let Israel now say:

{128:2} Sæpe expugnaverunt me a iuventute mea: etenim non potuerunt mihi.
{128:2} they have often fought against me from my youth, yet they could not prevail over me.

{128:3} Supra dorsum meum fabricaverunt peccatores: prolongaverunt iniquitatem suam.
{128:3} The sinners have made fabrications behind my back. They have prolonged their iniquity.

{128:4} Dominus iustus concidit cervices peccatorum:
{128:4} The just Lord will cut the necks of sinners.

{128:5} confundantur et convertantur retrorsum omnes, qui oderunt Sion.
{128:5} Let all those who hate Zion be confounded and turned backwards.

{128:6} Fiant sicut fœnum tectorum: quod priusquam evellatur, exaruit:
{128:6} Let them be like grass on the rooftops, which withers before it can be pulled up:

{128:7} De quo non implevit manum suam qui metit, et sinum suum qui manipulos colligit.
{128:7} with it, he who reaps does not fill his hand and he who gathers sheaves does not fill his bosom.

{128:8} Et non dixerunt qui præteribant: Benedictio Domini super vos: benediximus vobis in nomine Domini.
{128:8} And those who were passing by have not said to them: “The blessing of the Lord be upon you. We have blessed you in the name of the Lord.”

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