Psalm 14: Heavenly Dwellers. The Ideal Man of God

Psalm 14: Heavenly Dwellers. The Ideal Man of God.

What kind of men shall enter into the House of the Lord? None but the man who is honest, straightforward, careful of his neighbor’s good reputation, trustworthy, and averse to unlawful gain and bribery.

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{14:1} Psalmus David. Domine quis habitabit in tabernaculo tuo? aut quis requiescet in monte sancto tuo?
{14:1} A Psalm of David. O Lord, who will dwell in your tabernacle? Or who will rest on your holy mountain?

{14:2} Qui ingreditur sine macula, et operatur iustitiam:
{14:2} He who walks without blemish and who works justice.

{14:3} Qui loquitur veritatem in corde suo, qui non egit dolum in lingua sua: Nec fecit proximo suo malum, et opprobrium non accepit adversus proximos suos.
{14:3} He who speaks the truth in his heart, who has not acted deceitfully with his tongue, and has not done evil to his neighbor, and has not taken up a reproach against his neighbors.

{14:4} Ad nihilum deductus est in conspectu eius malignus: timentes autem Dominum glorificat: Qui iurat proximo suo, et non decipit,
{14:4} In his sight, the malicious one has been reduced to nothing, but he glorifies those who fear the Lord. He who swears to his neighbor and does not deceive.

{14:5} qui pecuniam suam non dedit ad usuram, et munera super innocentem non accepit: Qui facit hæc, non movebitur in æternum.
{14:5} He who has not given his money in usury, nor accepted bribes against the innocent. He who does these things will be undisturbed for eternity.

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