Psalm 60 in Latin: To Obtain Peace in God

Psalm 60: The King’s Prayer. To Obtain Peace in God.

David in exile prays to God to bring him back to Jerusalem. He expresses great longing to return to the holy city, for he is certain to enjoy the divine protection there.

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Psalm 60: Prayer Audio in Latin

{60:1} In finem, In hymnis David.
{60:1} Unto the end. With hymns, of David.

{60:2} Exaudi Deus deprecationem meam: intende orationi meæ.
{60:2} O God, pay attention to my supplication. Be attentive to my prayer.

{60:3} A finibus terræ ad te clamavi: dum anxiaretur cor meum, in petra exaltasti me. Deduxisti me,
{60:3} I cried out to you from the ends of the earth. When my heart was in anguish, you exalted me on a rock. You have led me,

{60:4} quia factus es spes mea: turris fortitudinis a facie inimici.
{60:4} for you have been my hope, a tower of strength before the face of the enemy.

{60:5} Inhabitabo in tabernaculo tuo in sæcula: protegar in velamento alarum tuarum.
{60:5} I will dwell in your tabernacle forever. I will be protected under the cover of your wings.

{60:6} Quoniam tu Deus meus exaudisti orationem meam: dedisti hereditatem timentibus nomen tuum.
{60:6} For you, my God, have listened to my prayer. You have granted an inheritance to those who fear your name.

{60:7} Dies super dies regis adiicies: annos eius usque in diem generationis et generationis.
{60:7} You will add days to the days of the king, to his years, even to the time of generation after generation.

{60:8} Permanet in æternum in conspectu Dei: misericordiam et veritatem eius quis requiret?
{60:8} He remains in eternity, in the sight of God. Who will long for his mercy and truth?

{60:9} Sic psalmum dicam nomini tuo in sæculum sæculi: ut reddam vota mea de die in diem.
{60:9} So I will compose a psalm to your name, forever and ever, so that I may repay my vows from day to day.

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