Psalm 84: The Work of Salvation. For Those in Deep Sorrow

Psalm 84: The Work of Salvation. For Those in Deep Sorrow.

Prayer for the complete restoration of Israel after the captivity. The psalm foreshadows the work of the Messiah saving men from the captivity of sin and the devil.

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{84:1} In finem, filiis Core, Psalmus.
{84:1} Unto the end. A Psalm to the sons of Korah.

{84:2} Benedixisti Domine terram tuam: avertisti captivitatem Iacob.
{84:2} O Lord, you have blessed your land. You have turned aside the captivity of Jacob.

{84:3} Remisisti iniquitatem plebis tuæ: operuisti omnia peccata eorum.
{84:3} You have released the iniquity of your people. You have covered all their sins.

{84:4} Mitigasti omnem iram tuam: avertisti ab ira indignationis tuæ.
{84:4} You have mitigated all your wrath. You have turned aside from the wrath of your indignation.

{84:5} Converte nos Deus salutaris noster: et averte iram tuam a nobis.
{84:5} Convert us, O God, our Savior, and turn your anger away from us.

{84:6} Numquid in æternum irasceris nobis? aut extendes iram tuam a generatione in generationem?
{84:6} Will you be angry with us forever? And will you extend your wrath from generation to generation?

{84:7} Deus tu conversus vivificabis nos: et plebs tua lætabitur in te.
{84:7} O God, you will turn back and revive us. And your people will rejoice in you.

{84:8} Ostende nobis Domine misericordiam tuam: et salutare tuum da nobis.
{84:8} O Lord, reveal to us your mercy, and grant to us your salvation.

{84:9} Audiam quid loquatur in me Dominus Deus: quoniam loquetur pacem in plebem suam. Et super sanctos suos: et in eos, qui convertuntur ad cor.
{84:9} I will listen to what the Lord God may be saying to me. For he will speak peace to his people, and to his saints, and to those who are being converted to the heart.

{84:10} Verumtamen prope timentes eum salutare ipsius: ut inhabitet gloria in terra nostra.
{84:10} So then, truly his salvation is near to those who fear him, so that glory may inhabit our land.

{84:11} Misericordia, et veritas obviaverunt sibi: iustitia, et pax osculatæ sunt.
{84:11} Mercy and truth have met each other. Justice and peace have kissed.

{84:12} Veritas de terra orta est: et iustitia de cælo prospexit.
{84:12} Truth has risen from the earth, and justice has gazed down from heaven.

{84:13} Etenim Dominus dabit benignitatem: et terra nostra dabit fructum suum.
{84:13} For so will the Lord give goodness, and our earth will give her fruit.

{84:14} Iustitia ante eum ambulabit: et ponet in via gressus suos.
{84:14} Justice will walk before him, and he will set his steps upon the way.

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