Psalm 11: Divine Protection. For the Grace to Wait for God's Good Time

Psalm 11: Divine Protection. For the Grace to Wait for God’s Good Time.

A cry for help against enemies. The psalmist laments the insincerity and flattery of men; but remembering God’s promise to help the just, he is full of confidence in God’s word.

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{11:1} In finem pro octava, Psalmus David.
{11:1} Unto the end. For the octave. A Psalm of David.

{11:2} Salvum me fac Domine, quoniam defecit sanctus: quoniam diminutæ sunt veritates a filiis hominum.
{11:2} Save me, O Lord, because holiness has passed away, because truths have been diminished, before the sons of men.

{11:3} Vana locuti sunt unusquisque ad proximum suum: labia dolosa, in corde et corde locuti sunt.
{11:3} They have been speaking emptiness, each one to his neighbor; they have been speaking with deceitful lips and a duplicitous heart.

{11:4} Disperdat Dominus universa labia dolosa, et linguam magniloquam.
{11:4} May the Lord scatter all deceitful lips, along with the tongue that speaks malice.

{11:5} Qui dixerunt: Linguam nostram magnificabimus, labia nostra a nobis sunt, quis noster Dominus est?
{11:5} They have said: “We will magnify our tongue; our lips belong to us. Who is our Lord?”

{11:6} Propter miseriam inopum, et gemitum pauperum nunc exurgam, dicit Dominus. Ponam in salutari: fiducialiter agam in eo.
{11:6} Because of the misery of the destitute and the groaning of the poor, now I will arise, says the Lord. I will place him in safety. I will act faithfully toward him.

{11:7} Eloquia Domini, eloquia casta: argentum igne examinatum, probatum terræ purgatum septuplum.
{11:7} The eloquence of the Lord is pure eloquence, silver tested by fire, purged from the earth, refined seven times.

{11:8} Tu Domine servabis nos: et custodies nos a generatione hac in æternum.
{11:8} You, O Lord, will preserve us, and you will guard us from this generation into eternity.

{11:9} In circuitu impii ambulant: secundum altitudinem tuam multiplicasti filios hominum.
{11:9} The impious wander aimlessly. According to your loftiness, you have multiplied the sons of men.

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