Psalm 74: The Just Judge

Psalm 74: The Just Judge. Confidence in the Victory of the Just.

God is the judge of the world. He avenges all sin. The psalm includes an admonition to presumptuous sinners to take warning lest God pour out the vials of his wrath on them.

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{74:1} In finem, Ne corrumpas, Psalmus Cantici Asaph.
{74:1} Unto the end. May you not be corrupted. A Canticle Psalm of Asaph.

{74:2} Confitebimur tibi Deus: confitebimur, et invocabimus nomen tuum. Narrabimus mirabilia tua:
{74:2} We will confess to you, O God. We will confess, and we will call upon your name. We will describe your wonders.

{74:3} cum accepero tempus, ego iustitias iudicabo.
{74:3} While I have time, I will judge justices.

{74:4} Liquefacta est terra, et omnes qui habitant in ea: ego confirmavi columnas eius.
{74:4} The earth has been dissolved, with all who dwell in it. I have confirmed its pillars.

{74:5} Dixi iniquis: Nolite inique agere: et delinquentibus: Nolite exaltare cornu:
{74:5} I said to the iniquitous: “Do not act unjustly,” and to the offenders: “Do not exalt the horn.”

{74:6} Nolite extollere in altum cornu vestrum: nolite loqui adversus Deum iniquitatem.
{74:6} Do not exalt your horn on high. Do not speak iniquity against God.

{74:7} Quia neque ab Oriente, neque ab Occidente, neque a desertis montibus:
{74:7} For it is neither from the east, nor from the west, nor before the desert mountains.

{74:8} quoniam Deus iudex est. Hunc humiliat, et hunc exaltat:
{74:8} For God is judge. This one he humbles and that one he exalts.

{74:9} quia calix in manu Domini vini meri plenus misto. Et inclinavit ex hoc in hoc: verumtamen fæx eius non est exinanita: bibent omnes peccatores terræ.
{74:9} For, in the hand of the Lord, there is a cup of undiluted wine, full of consternation. And he has tipped it from here to there. So, truly, its dregs have not been emptied. All the sinners of the earth will drink.

{74:10} Ego autem annunciabo in sæculum: cantabo Deo Iacob.
{74:10} But I will announce it in every age. I will sing to the God of Jacob.

{74:11} Et omnia cornua peccatorum confringam: et exaltabuntur cornua iusti.
{74:11} And I will break all the horns of sinners. And the horns of the just will be exalted.

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