Psalm 58: For Firm Trust in God in Great Danger

Psalm 58: God s My Might. For Firm Trust in God in Great Danger.

Prayer for help against ruthless foes. In the midst of bloodthirsty enemies the psalmist maintains his poise by firm confidence in God. The divine power and mercy are his shield.

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{58:1} In finem, Ne disperdas, David in tituli inscriptionem, quando misit Saul, et custodivit domum eius, ut eum interficeret.
{58:1} Unto the end. May you not destroy. Of David, with the inscription of a title, when Saul sent and watched his house, in order to execute him.

{58:2} Eripe me de inimicis meis Deus meus: et ab insurgentibus in me libera me.
{58:2} Rescue me from my enemies, my God, and free me from those who rise up against me.

{58:3} Eripe me de operantibus iniquitatem: et de viris sanguinum salva me.
{58:3} Rescue me from those who work iniquity, and save me from men of blood.

{58:4} Quia ecce ceperunt animam meam: irruerunt in me fortes.
{58:4} For behold, they have seized my soul. The strong have rushed upon me.

{58:5} Neque iniquitas mea, neque peccatum meum Domine: sine iniquitate cucurri, et direxi.
{58:5} And it is neither my iniquity, nor my sin, O Lord. I have run and gone directly, without iniquity.

{58:6} Exurge in occursum meum, et vide: et tu Domine Deus virtutum, Deus Israel, Intende ad visitandas omnes gentes: non miserearis omnibus, qui operantur iniquitatem.
{58:6} Rise up to meet me, and see: even you, O Lord, the God of hosts, the God of Israel. Reach out to visit all nations. Do not take pity on all those who work iniquity.

{58:7} Convertentur ad vesperam: et famem patientur ut canes, et circuibunt civitatem.
{58:7} They will return toward evening, and they will suffer hunger like dogs, and they will wander around the city.

{58:8} Ecce loquentur in ore suo, et gladius in labiis eorum: quoniam quis audivit?
{58:8} Behold, they will speak with their mouth, and a sword is in their lips: “For who has heard us?”

{58:9} Et tu Domine deridebis eos: ad nihilum deduces omnes Gentes.
{58:9} And you, O Lord, will laugh at them. You will lead all the Gentiles to nothing.

{58:10} Fortitudinem meam ad te custodiam, quia Deus susceptor meus es:
{58:10} I will guard my strength toward you, for you are God, my supporter.

{58:11} Deus meus misericordia eius præveniet me.
{58:11} My God, his mercy will precede me.

{58:12} Deus ostendet mihi super inimicos meos, ne occidas eos: nequando obliviscantur populi mei. Disperge illos in virtute tua: et depone eos protector meus Domine:
{58:12} God will oversee my enemies for me. Do not slay them, lest at times my people may forget them. Scatter them by your virtue. And depose them, O Lord, my protector,

{58:13} Delictum oris eorum, sermonem labiorum ipsorum: et comprehendantur in superbia sua. Et de execratione et mendacio annuntiabuntur
{58:13} by the offense of their mouth and by the speech of their lips. And may they be caught in their arrogance. And, for their cursing and lying, they will be made known

{58:14} in consummatione: in ira consummationis, et non erunt. Et scient quia Deus dominabitur Iacob: et finium terræ.
{58:14} at the consummation, in the fury of the consummation, and so they will be no more. And they will know that God will rule over Jacob, even to the ends of the earth.

{58:15} Convertentur ad vesperam, et famem patientur ut canes: et circuibunt civitatem.
{58:15} They will return toward evening, and they will suffer hunger like dogs, and they will wander around the city.

{58:16} Ipsi dispergentur ad manducandum: si vero non fuerint saturati, et murmurabunt.
{58:16} They will be dispersed in order to gnaw, and truly, when they will not have been satisfied, they will murmur.

{58:17} Ego autem cantabo fortitudinem tuam: et exultabo mane misericordiam tuam. Quia factus es susceptor meus, et refugium meum, in die tribulationis meæ.
{58:17} But I will sing your strength, and I will extol your mercy, in the morning. For you have been my supporter and my refuge in the day of my tribulation.

{58:18} Adiutor meus tibi psallam, quia Deus susceptor meus es: Deus meus misericordia mea.
{58:18} To you, my helper, I will sing psalms. For you are God, my supporter. My God is my mercy.

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