Psalm 104: In Appreciation of the Goodness of Divine Providence

Psalm 104: Promises Fulfilled. In Appreciation of the Goodness of Divine Providence.

God’s gracious guidance of Israel. It testifies to the loving-kindness and justice of God towards his people. He has shown himself ever faithful to the promises made to Abraham.

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{104:1} Alleluia. Confitemini Domino, et invocate nomen eius: annunciate inter gentes opera eius.
{104:1} Alleluia. Confess to the Lord, and invoke his name. Announce his works among the nations.

{104:2} Cantate ei, et psallite ei: narrate omnia mirabilia eius.
{104:2} Sing to him, and sing psalms to him. Describe all his wonders.

{104:3} Laudamini in nomine sancto eius: lætetur cor quærentium Dominum.
{104:3} Be praised in his holy name. Let the heart of those who seek the Lord rejoice.

{104:4} Quærite Dominum, et confirmamini: quærite faciem eius semper.
{104:4} Seek the Lord, and be confirmed. Seek his face always.

{104:5} Mementote mirabilium eius, quæ fecit: prodigia eius, et iudicia oris eius.
{104:5} Remember his miracles, which he has done, his portents and the judgments of his mouth:

{104:6} Semen Abraham, servi eius: filii Iacob electi eius.
{104:6} you offspring of Abraham his servant, you sons of Jacob his elect.

{104:7} Ipse Dominus Deus noster: in universa terra iudicia eius.
{104:7} He is the Lord our God. His judgments are throughout the entire earth.

{104:8} Memor fuit in sæculum testamenti sui: verbi, quod mandavit in mille generationes:
{104:8} He has remembered his covenant for all ages: the word that he entrusted to a thousand generations,

{104:9} Quod disposuit ad Abraham: et iuramenti sui ad Isaac:
{104:9} which he assigned to Abraham, and his oath to Isaac.

{104:10} Et statuit illud Iacob in præceptum: et Israel in testamentum æternum:
{104:10} And he stationed the same for Jacob with a precept, and for Israel with an eternal testament,

{104:11} Dicens: Tibi dabo Terram Chanaan, funiculum hereditatis vestræ.
{104:11} saying: To you, I will give the land of Canaan, the allotment of your inheritance.

{104:12} Cum essent numero brevi, paucissimi et incolæ eius:
{104:12} Though they may have been but a small number, very few and foreigners there,

{104:13} Et pertransierunt de gente in gentem, et de regno ad populum alterum.
{104:13} and though they passed from nation to nation, and from one kingdom to another people,

{104:14} Non reliquit hominem nocere eis: et corripuit pro eis reges.
{104:14} he allowed no man to harm them, and he reproved kings on their behalf.

{104:15} Nolite tangere Christos meos: et in prophetis meis nolite malignari.
{104:15} Do not be willing to touch my Christ, and do not be willing to malign my prophets.

{104:16} Et vocavit famem super terram: et omne firmamentum panis contrivit.
{104:16} And he called a famine upon the land, and he crushed every foundation of the bread.

{104:17} Misit ante eos virum: in servum venundatus est Ioseph.
{104:17} He sent a man before them: Joseph, who had been sold as a slave.

{104:18} Humiliaverunt in compedibus pedes eius, ferrum pertransiit animam eius,
{104:18} They humbled his feet in shackles; the iron pierced his soul,

{104:19} donec veniret verbum eius. Eloquium Domini inflammavit eum:
{104:19} until his word arrived. The eloquence of the Lord inflamed him.

{104:20} misit rex, et solvit eum; princeps populorum, et dimisit eum.
{104:20} The king sent and released him; he was the ruler of the people, and he dismissed him.

{104:21} Constituit eum dominum domus suæ: et principem omnis possessionis suæ:
{104:21} He established him as master of his house and ruler of all his possessions,

{104:22} Ut erudiret principes eius sicut semetipsum: et senes eius prudentiam doceret.
{104:22} so that he might instruct his princes as himself, and teach his elders prudence.

{104:23} Et intravit Israel in Ægyptum: et Iacob accola fuit in Terra Cham.
{104:23} And Israel entered into Egypt, and Jacob became a sojourner in the land of Ham.

{104:24} Et auxit populum suum vehementer: et firmavit eum super inimicos eius.
{104:24} And he helped his people greatly, and he strengthened them over their enemies.

{104:25} Convertit cor eorum ut odirent populum eius: et dolum facerent in servos eius.
{104:25} He turned their heart to hate his people, and to deal deceitfully with his servants.

{104:26} Misit Moysen servum suum: Aaron, quem elegit ipsum.
{104:26} He sent Moses, his servant, and Aaron, the one whom he chose.

{104:27} Posuit in eis verba signorum suorum, et prodigiorum in Terra Cham.
{104:27} He placed with them signs of his word, and portents in the land of Ham.

{104:28} Misit tenebras, et obscuravit: et non exacerbavit sermones suos.
{104:28} He sent darkness and made it conceal, and he did not afflict them with his speech.

{104:29} Convertit aquas eorum in sanguinem: et occidit pisces eorum.
{104:29} He turned their waters into blood, and he slaughtered their fish.

{104:30} Edidit terra eorum ranas in penetralibus regum ipsorum.
{104:30} Their land brought forth frogs, even in the inner chambers of their kings.

{104:31} Dixit, et venit cœnomyia: et cinifes in omnibus finibus eorum.
{104:31} He spoke, and there came forth common flies and gnats, in every region.

{104:32} Posuit pluvias eorum grandinem: ignem comburentem in terra ipsorum.
{104:32} He gave them a shower of hail and a burning fire, in the same land.

{104:33} Et percussit vineas eorum, et ficulneas eorum: et contrivit lignum finium eorum.
{104:33} And he struck their vineyards and their fig trees, and he crushed the trees of their region.

{104:34} Dixit, et venit locusta, et bruchus, cuius non erat numerus:
{104:34} He spoke, and the locust came forth, and the caterpillar, of which there was no number.

{104:35} Et comedit omne fœnum in terra eorum: et comedit omnem fructum terræ eorum.
{104:35} And it devoured all the grass in their land, and it consumed all the fruit of their land.

{104:36} Et percussit omne primogenitum in terra eorum: primitias omnis laboris eorum.
{104:36} And he struck all the first-born in their land, the first-fruits of all their labor.

{104:37} Et eduxit eos cum argento et auro: et non erat in tribubus eorum infirmus.
{104:37} And he led them out with silver and gold, and there was not an infirm one among their tribes.

{104:38} Lætata est Ægyptus in profectione eorum: quia incubuit timor eorum super eos.
{104:38} Egypt was joyful at their departure, for the fear of them lay heavy upon them.

{104:39} Expandit nubem in protectionem eorum, et ignem ut luceret eis per noctem.
{104:39} He spread a cloud for their protection, and a fire, to give them light through the night.

{104:40} Petierunt, et venit coturnix: et pane cæli saturavit eos.
{104:40} They petitioned, and the quail came; and he satisfied them with the bread of heaven.

{104:41} Dirupit petram, et fluxerunt aquæ: abierunt in sicco flumina;
{104:41} He ruptured the rock and the waters flowed: rivers gushed in the dry land.

{104:42} Quoniam memor fuit verbi sancti sui, quod habuit ad Abraham puerum suum.
{104:42} For he had called to mind his holy word, which he kept near to his servant Abraham.

{104:43} Et eduxit populum suum in exultatione, et electos suos in lætitia.
{104:43} And he led forth his people in exultation, and his elect in rejoicing.

{104:44} Et dedit illis regiones Gentium: et labores populorum possederunt:
{104:44} And he gave them the regions of the Gentiles, and they possessed the labors of the peoples,

{104:45} Ut custodiant iustificationes eius, et legem eius requirant.
{104:45} so that they might observe his justifications, and inquire about his law.

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