Psalm 65: Blessed is God

Psalm 65: God’s Beneficence. For Pious Thoughts During Mass.

Thanksgiving to God for his benefits to the chosen people. They were often severely tried by God, but he always brought them relief. The people will offer sacrifices of thanksgiving.

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Psalm 65: Prayer Audio in Latin

{65:1} In finem, Canticum Psalmi Resurrectionis. Iubilate Deo omnis terra,
{65:1} Unto the end. A Canticle Psalm of the Resurrection. Shout joyfully to God, all the earth.

{65:2} psalmum dicite nomini eius: date gloriam laudi eius.
{65:2} Proclaim a psalm to his name. Give glory to his praise.

{65:3} Dicite Deo quam terribilia sunt opera tua Domine! in multitudine virtutis tuæ mentientur tibi inimici tui.
{65:3} Exclaim to God, “How terrible are your works, O Lord!” According to the fullness of your virtue, your enemies will speak lies about you.

{65:4} Omnis terra adoret te, et psallat tibi: psalmum dicat nomini tuo.
{65:4} Let all the earth adore you and sing psalms to you. May it sing a psalm to your name.

{65:5} Venite, et videte opera Dei: terribilis in consiliis super filios hominum.
{65:5} Draw near and see the works of God, who is terrible in his counsels over the sons of men.

{65:6} Qui convertit mare in aridam, in flumine pertransibunt pede: ibi lætabimur in ipso.
{65:6} He converts the sea into dry land. They will cross the river on foot. There, we will rejoice in him.

{65:7} Qui dominatur in virtute sua in æternum, oculi eius super gentes respiciunt: qui exasperant non exaltentur in semetipsis.
{65:7} He rules by his virtue for eternity. His eyes gaze upon the nations. May those who exasperate him, not be exalted in themselves.

{65:8} Benedicite Gentes Deum nostrum: et auditam facite vocem laudis eius,
{65:8} Bless our God, you Gentiles, and make the voice of his praise be heard.

{65:9} Qui posuit animam meam ad vitam: et non dedit in commotionem pedes meos.
{65:9} He has set my soul toward life, and he has granted that my feet may not be shaken.

{65:10} Quoniam probasti nos Deus: igne nos examinasti, sicut examinatur argentum.
{65:10} For you, O God, have tested us. You have examined us by fire, just as silver is examined.

{65:11} Induxisti nos in laqueum, posuisti tribulationes in dorso nostro:
{65:11} You have led us into a snare. You have placed tribulations on our back.

{65:12} imposuisti homines super capita nostra. Transivimus per ignem et aquam: et eduxisti nos in refrigerium.
{65:12} You have set men over our heads. We have crossed through fire and water. And you have led us out to refreshment.

{65:13} Introibo in domum tuam in holocaustis: reddam tibi vota mea,
{65:13} I will enter your house with holocausts. I will repay my vows to you,

{65:14} quæ distinxerunt labia mea. Et locutum est os meum, in tribulatione mea.
{65:14} which my lips discerned and my mouth spoke, in my tribulation.

{65:15} Holocausta medullata offeram tibi cum incenso arietum: offeram tibi boves cum hircis.
{65:15} I will offer to you holocausts full of marrow, with the burnt offerings of rams. I will offer to you bulls as well as goats.

{65:16} Venite, audite, et narrabo, omnes qui timetis Deum, quanta fecit animæ meæ.
{65:16} Draw near and listen, all you who fear God, and I will describe to you how much he has done for my soul.

{65:17} Ad ipsum ore meo clamavi, et exaltavi sub lingua mea.
{65:17} I cried out to him with my mouth, and I extolled him under my breath.

{65:18} Iniquitatem si aspexi in corde meo, non exaudiet Dominus.
{65:18} If I have seen iniquity in my heart, the Lord would not heed me.

{65:19} Propterea exaudivit Deus, et attendit voci deprecationis meæ.
{65:19} And yet, God has heeded me and he has attended to the voice of my supplication.

{65:20} Benedictus Deus, qui non amovit orationem meam, et misericordiam suam a me.
{65:20} Blessed is God, who has not removed my prayer, nor his mercy, from me.

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