Psalm 49 in Latin: True Worship

Psalm 49: True Worship. For Sincerity in Prayer.

A condemnations of false piety. External worship without the proper dispositions of the heart is of no value.

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Psalm 49: Prayer Audio in Latin

{49:1} Psalmus Asaph. Deus deorum Dominus locutus est: et vocavit terram, A solis ortu usque ad occasum:
{49:1} A Psalm of Asaph. The God of gods, the Lord has spoken, and he has called the earth, from the rising of the sun even to its setting,

{49:2} ex Sion species decoris eius.
{49:2} from Zion, the brilliance of his beauty.

{49:3} Deus manifeste veniet: Deus noster et non silebit. Ignis in conspectu eius exardescet: et in circuitu eius tempestas valida.
{49:3} God will arrive manifestly. Our God also will not keep silence. A fire will flare up in his sight, and a mighty tempest will surround him.

{49:4} Advocabit cælum desursum: et terram discernere populum suum.
{49:4} He will call to heaven from above, and to the earth, to discern his people.

{49:5} Congregate illi sanctos eius: qui ordinant testamentum eius super sacrificia.
{49:5} Gather his holy ones to him, you who order his covenant above sacrifices.

{49:6} Et annunciabunt cæli iustitiam eius: quoniam Deus iudex est.
{49:6} And the heavens will announce his justice. For God is the judge.

{49:7} Audi populus meus, et loquar: Israel, et testificabor tibi: Deus, Deus tuus ego sum.
{49:7} Listen, my people, and I will speak. Listen, Israel, and I will testify for you. I am God, your God.

{49:8} Non in sacrificiis tuis arguam te: holocausta autem tua in conspectu meo sunt semper.
{49:8} I will not reprove you for your sacrifices. Moreover, your holocausts are ever in my sight.

{49:9} Non accipiam de domo tua vitulos: neque de gregibus tuis hircos.
{49:9} I will not accept calves from your house, nor he-goats from your flocks.

{49:10} Quoniam meæ sunt omnes feræ silvarum, iumenta in montibus et boves.
{49:10} For all the wild beasts of the forest are mine: the cattle on the hills and the oxen.

{49:11} Cognovi omnia volatilia cæli: et pulchritudo agri mecum est.
{49:11} I know all the flying things of the air, and the beauty of the field is with me.

{49:12} Si esuriero, non dicam tibi: meus est enim orbis terræ, et plenitudo eius.
{49:12} If I should be hungry, I would not tell you: for the whole world is mine, and all its plentitude.

{49:13} Numquid manducabo carnes taurorum? aut sanguinem hircorum potabo?
{49:13} Shall I gnaw on the flesh of bulls? Or would I drink the blood of goats?

{49:14} Immola Deo sacrificium laudis: et redde Altissimo vota tua.
{49:14} Offer to God the sacrifice of praise, and pay your vows to the Most High.

{49:15} Et invoca me in die tribulationis: eruam te, et honorificabis me.
{49:15} And call upon me in the day of tribulation. I will rescue you, and you will honor me.

{49:16} Peccatori autem dixit Deus: Quare tu enarras iustitias meas, et assumis testamentum meum per os tuum?
{49:16} But to the sinner, God has said: Why do you discourse on my justices, and take up my covenant through your mouth?

{49:17} Tu vero odisti disciplinam: et proiecisti sermones meos retrorsum:
{49:17} Truly, you have hated discipline, and you have cast my sermons behind you.

{49:18} Si videbas furem, currebas cum eo: et cum adulteris portionem tuam ponebas.
{49:18} If you saw a thief, you ran with him, and you have placed your portion with adulterers.

~ Some take part in adultery and other sins, not by committing those acts themselves, but by supporting and encouraging those who do so.

{49:19} Os tuum abundavit malitia: et lingua tua concinnabat dolos.
{49:19} Your mouth has abounded with malice, and your tongue has concocted deceits.

{49:20} Sedens adversus fratrem tuum loquebaris, et adversus filium matris tuæ ponebas scandalum:
{49:20} Sitting, you spoke against your brother, and you set up a scandal against your mother’s son.

{49:21} hæc fecisti, et tacui. Existimasti inique quod ero tui similis: arguam te, et statuam contra faciem tuam.
{49:21} These things you have done, and I was silent. You thought, unjustly, that I ought to be like you. But I will reprove you, and I will set myself against your face.

{49:22} Intelligite hæc qui obliviscimini Deum: nequando rapiat, et non sit qui eripiat.
{49:22} Understand these things, you who forget God; lest at any time, he might quickly take you away, and there would be no one to rescue you.

{49:23} Sacrificium laudis honorificabit me: et illic iter, quo ostendam illi salutare Dei.
{49:23} The sacrifice of praise will honor me. And in that place is the journey by which I will reveal to him the salvation of God.

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