Psalm 75 - Thanksgiving for Victory Over Temptation

Psalm 75: A Great Triumph. Thanksgiving for Victory Over Temptation.

Thanksgiving for victory over enemies. The psalmist celebrates the triumph of God, who is terrible in His judgement of them that resist Him.

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{75:1} In finem, in Laudibus, Psalmus Asaph, Canticum ad Assyrios.
{75:1} Unto the end. With Praises. A Psalm of Asaph. A Canticle to the Assyrians.

{75:2} Notus in Iudæa Deus: in Israel magnum nomen eius.
{75:2} In Judea, God is known. In Israel, his name is great.

{75:3} Et factus est in pace locus eius: et habitatio eius in Sion.
{75:3} And his place has been formed with peace. And his dwelling place is in Zion.

{75:4} Ibi confregit potentias arcuum, scutum, gladium, et bellum.
{75:4} In that place, he has broken the powers of the bows, the shield, the sword, and the battle.

{75:5} Illuminans tu mirabiliter a montibus æternis:
{75:5} You illuminate wondrously from the mountains of eternity.

{75:6} turbati sunt omnes insipientes corde. Dormierunt somnum suum: et nihil invenerunt omnes viri divitiarum in manibus suis.
{75:6} All the foolish of heart have been disturbed. They have slept their sleep, and all the men of riches have found nothing in their hands.

{75:7} Ab increpatione tua Deus Iacob dormitaverunt qui ascenderunt equos.
{75:7} At your rebuke, O God of Jacob, those who were mounted on horseback have fallen asleep.

{75:8} Tu terribilis es, et quis resistet tibi? ex tunc ira tua.
{75:8} You are terrible, and so, who can withstand you? From thence is your wrath.

{75:9} De cælo auditum fecisti iudicium: terra tremuit et quievit,
{75:9} You have caused judgment to be heard from heaven. The earth trembled and was quieted,

{75:10} cum exurgeret in iudicium Deus, ut salvos faceret omnes mansuetos terræ.
{75:10} when God rose up in judgment in order to bring salvation to all the meek of the earth.

{75:11} Quoniam cogitatio hominis confitebitur tibi: et reliquiæ cogitationis diem festum agent tibi.
{75:11} For the thinking of man will confess to you, and the legacy of his thinking will keep a feast day to you.

{75:12} Vovete, et reddite Domino Deo vestro: omnes qui in circuitu eius affertis munera. Terribili
{75:12} Make vows and pay them to the Lord, your God. All you who surround him bring gifts: to him who is terrible,

{75:13} et ei qui aufert spiritum principum, terribili apud reges terræ.
{75:13} even to him who takes away the spirit of leaders, to him who is terrible with the kings of the earth.

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