Psalm 101: Prayer in Anguish. To Obtain The Spirit Of Penance

Psalm 101: Prayer in Anguish. To Obtain the Spirit of Penance.

Prayer of Israel in exile for the restoration of Sion, that the name of the Lord may be praised in Jerusalem, and that all nations seeing his glory may fear and serve the Lord.

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{101:1} Oratio pauperis, cum anxius fuerit, et in conspectu Domini effuderit precem suam.
{101:1} The prayer of the pauper, when he was anxious, and so he poured out his petition in the sight of the Lord.

{101:2} Domine exaudi orationem meam: et clamor meus ad te veniat.
{101:2} O Lord, hear my prayer, and let my outcry reach you.

{101:3} Non avertas faciem tuam a me: in quacumque die tribulor, inclina ad me aurem tuam. In quacumque die invocavero te, velociter exaudi me.
{101:3} Do not turn your face away from me. In whatever day that I am in trouble, incline your ear to me. In whatever day that I will call upon you, heed me quickly.

{101:4} Quia defecerunt sicut fumus dies mei: et ossa mea sicut cremium aruerunt.
{101:4} For my days have faded away like smoke, and my bones have dried out like firewood.

{101:5} Percussus sum ut fœnum, et aruit cor meum: quia oblitus sum comedere panem meum.
{101:5} I have been cut down like hay, and my heart has withered, for I had forgotten to eat my bread.

{101:6} A voce gemitus mei adhæsit os meum carni meæ.
{101:6} Before the voice of my groaning, my bone has adhered to my flesh.

{101:7} Similis factus sum pellicano solitudinis: factus sum sicut nycticorax in domicilio.
{101:7} I have become like a pelican in solitude. I have become like a night raven in a house.

{101:8} Vigilavi, et factus sum sicut passer solitarius in tecto.
{101:8} I have kept vigil, and I have become like a solitary sparrow on a roof.

{101:9} Tota die exprobrabant mihi inimici mei: et qui laudabant me adversum me iurabant.
{101:9} All day long my enemies reproached me, and those who praised me swore oaths against me.

{101:10} Quia cinerem tamquam panem manducabam, et potum meum cum fletu miscebam.
{101:10} For I chewed on ashes like bread, and I mixed weeping into my drink.

{101:11} A facie iræ et indignationis tuæ: quia elevans allisisti me.
{101:11} By the face of your anger and indignation, you lifted me up and threw me down.

{101:12} Dies mei sicut umbra declinaverunt: et ego sicut fœnum arui.
{101:12} My days have declined like a shadow, and I have dried out like hay.

{101:13} Tu autem Domine in æternum permanes: et memoriale tuum in generationem et generationem.
{101:13} But you, O Lord, endure for eternity, and your memorial is from generation to generation.

{101:14} Tu exurgens misereberis Sion: quia tempus miserendi eius, quia venit tempus.
{101:14} You will rise up and take pity on Zion, for it is time for its mercy, for the time has come.

{101:15} Quoniam placuerunt servis tuis lapides eius: et terræ eius miserebuntur.
{101:15} For its stones have pleased your servants, and they will take pity on its land.

{101:16} Et timebunt Gentes nomen tuum Domine, et omnes reges terræ gloriam tuam.
{101:16} And the Gentiles will fear your name, O Lord, and all the kings of the earth your glory.

{101:17} Quia ædificavit Dominus Sion: et videbitur in gloria sua.
{101:17} For the Lord has built up Zion, and he will be seen in his glory.

{101:18} Respexit in orationem humilium: et non sprevit precem eorum.
{101:18} He has noticed the prayer of the humble, and he has not despised their petition.

{101:19} Scribantur hæc in generatione altera: et populus, qui creabitur, laudabit Dominum:
{101:19} Let these things be written in another generation, and the people who will be created will praise the Lord.

{101:20} Quia prospexit de excelso sancto suo: Dominus de cælo in terram aspexit:
{101:20} For he has gazed from his high sanctuary. From heaven, the Lord has beheld the earth.

{101:21} Ut audiret gemitus compeditorum: ut solveret filios interemptorum:
{101:21} So may he hear the groans of those in shackles, in order that he may release the sons of the slain.

{101:22} Ut annuncient in Sion nomen Domini: et laudem eius in Ierusalem.
{101:22} So may they announce the name of the Lord in Zion and his praise in Jerusalem:

{101:23} In conveniendo populos in unum, et reges ut serviant Domino.
{101:23} while the people convene, along with kings, in order that they may serve the Lord.

{101:24} Respondit ei in via virtutis suæ: Paucitatem dierum meorum nuncia mihi.
{101:24} He responded to him in the way of his virtue: Declare to me the brevity of my days.

{101:25} Ne revoces me in dimidio dierum meorum: in generationem et generationem anni tui.
{101:25} Do not call me back in the middle of my days: your years are from generation to generation.

{101:26} Initio tu Domine terram fundasti: et opera manuum tuarum sunt cæli.
{101:26} In the beginning, O Lord, you founded the earth. And the heavens are the work of your hands.

{101:27} Ipsi peribunt, tu autem permanes: et omnes sicut vestimentum veterascent. Et sicut opertorium mutabis eos, et mutabuntur:
{101:27} They will perish, but you remain. And all will grow old like a garment. And, like a blanket, you will change them, and they will be changed.

{101:28} tu autem idem ipse es, et anni tui non deficient.
{101:28} Yet you are ever yourself, and your years will not decline.

{101:29} Filii servorum tuorum habitabunt: et semen eorum in sæculum dirigetur.
{101:29} The sons of your servants will live, and their offspring will be guided aright in every age.

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