Psalm 107: Prayer in Battle. To Obtain the Grace of Fortitude

Psalm 107: Prayer in Battle. To Obtain the Grace of Fortitude.

Prayer for victory over dangerous foes. The psalmist’s confidence is firm, resting upon the great mercy and faithfulness of God, and on the promises made to his people.

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{107:1} Canticum Psalmi ipsi David.
{107:1} A Canticle Psalm, of David himself.

{107:2} Paratum cor meum Deus, paratum cor meum: cantabo, et psallam in gloria mea.
{107:2} My heart is prepared, O God, my heart is prepared. I will sing songs, and I will sing psalms in my glory.

{107:3} Exurge gloria mea, exurge psalterium, et cithara: exurgam diluculo.
{107:3} Rise up, my glory. Rise up, Psalter and harp. I will arise in early morning.

{107:4} Confitebor tibi in populis Domine: et psallam tibi in nationibus.
{107:4} I will confess to you, O Lord, among the peoples. And I will sing psalms to you among the nations.

{107:5} Quia magna est super cælos misericordia tua: et usque ad nubes veritas tua:
{107:5} For your mercy is great, beyond the heavens, and your truth, even to the clouds.

{107:6} Exaltare super cælos Deus, et super omnem terram gloria tua:
{107:6} Be exalted, O God, beyond the heavens, and your glory, beyond all the earth,

{107:7} ut liberentur dilecti tui. Salvum fac dextera tua, et exaudi me:
{107:7} so that your beloved may be freed. Save with your right hand, and heed me.

{107:8} Deus locutus est in sancto suo: Exultabo, et dividam Sichimam, et convallem tabernaculorum dimetiar.
{107:8} God has spoken in his holiness. I will exult, and I will divide Shechem, and I will divide by measure the steep valley of tabernacles.

{107:9} Meus est Galaad, et meus est Manasses: et Ephraim susceptio capitis mei. Iuda rex meus:
{107:9} Gilead is mine, and Manasseh is mine, and Ephraim is the supporter of my head. Judah is my king.

{107:10} Moab lebes spei meæ. In Idumæam extendam calceamentum meum: mihi alienigenæ amici facti sunt.
{107:10} Moab is the cooking pot of my hope. I will extend my shoe in Idumea; the foreigners have become my friends.

{107:11} Quis deducet me in civitatem munitam? quis deducet me usque in Idumæam?
{107:11} Who will lead me into the fortified city? Who will lead me, even into Idumea?

{107:12} Nonne tu Deus, qui repulisti nos, et non exibis Deus in virtutibus nostris?
{107:12} Will not you, O God, who had rejected us? And will not you, O God, go out with our armies?

{107:13} Da nobis auxilium de tribulatione: quia vana salus hominis.
{107:13} Grant us help from tribulation, for vain is the help of man.

{107:14} In Deo faciemus virtutem: et ipse ad nihilum deducet inimicos nostros.
{107:14} In God, we will act virtuously, and he will bring our enemies to nothing.

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