Psalm 148: To Praise God Through His Works

Psalm 148: The Work of Praise. To Praise God Through His Works.

All creatures are invited to praise God, their Creator. The heavens and their innumerable hosts, the earth and all that dwell therein, are summoned to join in a chorus of praise to Him who has given them being.

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{148:1} Alleluia. Laudate Dominum de cælis: laudate eum in excelsis.
{148:1} Alleluia. Praise the Lord from the heavens. Praise him on the heights.

{148:2} Laudate eum omnes angeli eius: laudate eum omnes virtutes eius.
{148:2} Praise him, all his Angels. Praise him, all his hosts.

{148:3} Laudate eum sol et luna: laudate eum omnes stellæ, et lumen.
{148:3} Praise him, sun and moon. Praise him, all stars and light.

{148:4} Laudate eum cæli cælorum: et aquæ omnes, quæ super cælos sunt,
{148:4} Praise him, heavens of the heavens. And let all the waters that are above the heavens

{148:5} laudent nomen Domini. Quia ipse dixit, et facta sunt: ipse mandavit, et creata sunt.
{148:5} praise the name of the Lord. For he spoke, and they became. He commanded, and they were created.

{148:6} Statuit ea in æternum, et in sæculum sæculi: præceptum posuit, et non præteribit.
{148:6} He has stationed them in eternity, and for age after age. He has established a precept, and it will not pass away.

{148:7} Laudate Dominum de terra, dracones, et omnes abyssi.
{148:7} Praise the Lord from the earth: you dragons and all deep places,

{148:8} Ignis, grando, nix, glacies, spiritus procellarum: quæ faciunt verbum eius:
{148:8} fire, hail, snow, ice, windstorms, which do his word,

{148:9} Montes, et omnes colles: ligna fructifera, et omnes cedri.
{148:9} mountains and all hills, fruitful trees and all cedars,

{148:10} Bestiæ, et universa pecora: serpentes, et volucres pennatæ:
{148:10} wild beasts and all cattle, serpents and feathered flying things,

{148:11} Reges terræ, et omnes populi: principes, et omnes iudices terræ.
{148:11} kings of the earth and all peoples, leaders and all judges of the earth,

{148:12} Iuvenes, et virgines: senes cum iunioribus laudent nomen Domini:
{148:12} young men and virgins. Let the older men with the younger men, praise the name of the Lord.

{148:13} quia exaltatum est nomen eius solius.
{148:13} For his name alone is exalted.

{148:14} Confessio eius super cælum, et terram: et exaltavit cornu populi sui. Hymnus omnibus sanctis eius: filiis Israel, populo appropinquanti sibi. Alleluia.
{148:14} Confession of him is beyond heaven and earth, and he has exalted the horn of his people. A hymn to all his holy ones, to the sons of Israel, to a people close to him. Alleluia.

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