Psalm 3: Salvation in the Lord. To obtain God's Protection

Psalm 3: Salvation in the Lord. To obtain God’s Protection

Although faint-hearted friends were telling him that it was useless to look for further help from God, the king’s confidence remains unshaken. Pray this Psalm so that badness goes away from people, so that they do not torment unjustly their fellows.

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{3:1} Psalmus David, Cum fugeret a facie Absalom filii sui.
{3:1} A Psalm of David. When he fled from the face of his son, Absalom.

{3:2} Domine quid multiplicati sunt qui tribulant me? multi insurgunt adversum me.
{3:2} Lord, why have those who trouble me been multiplied? Many rise up against me.

{3:3} Multi dicunt animæ meæ: Non est salus ipsi in Deo eius.
{3:3} Many say to my soul, “There is no salvation for him in his God.”

{3:4} Tu autem Domine susceptor meus es, gloria mea, et exaltans caput meum.
{3:4} But you, Lord, are my supporter, my glory, and the one who raises up my head.

{3:5} Voce mea ad Dominum clamavi: et exaudivit me de monte sancto suo.
{3:5} I have cried out to the Lord with my voice, and he has heard me from his holy mountain.

{3:6} Ego dormivi, et soporatus sum: et exurrexi, quia Dominus suscepit me.
{3:6} I have slept, and I have been stupefied. But I awakened because the Lord has taken me up.

{3:7} Non timebo millia populi circumdantis me: exurge Domine: salvum me fac Deus meus.
{3:7} I will not fear the thousands of people surrounding me. Rise up, Lord. Save me, my God.

{3:8} Quoniam tu percussisti omnes adversantes mihi sine causa: dentes peccatorum contrivisti.
{3:8} For you have struck all those who oppose me without cause. You have broken the teeth of sinners.

{3:9} Domini est salus: et super populum tuum benedictio tua.
{3:9} Salvation is of the Lord, and your blessing is upon your people.

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