Psalm 91: Divine Perfections. To Obtain Delight n Prayer.

The justice of the Lord, who rewards the good and punishes the evil. God often permits the wicked to prosper, but finally brings them to destruction.

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{91:1} Psalmus Cantici, In die Sabbati.
{91:1} A Canticle Psalm. On the day of the Sabbath.

{91:2} Bonum est confiteri Domino: et psallere nomini tuo Altissime.
{91:2} It is good to confess to the Lord and to sing psalms to your name, O Most High:

{91:3} Ad annunciandum mane misericordiam tuam: et veritatem tuam per noctem.
{91:3} to announce your mercy in the morning, and your truth throughout the night,

{91:4} In decachordo, psalterio: cum cantico, in cithara.
{91:4} upon the ten strings, upon the psaltery, with a canticle, upon stringed instruments.

{91:5} Quia delectasti me Domine in factura tua: et in operibus manuum tuarum exultabo.
{91:5} For you, O Lord, have delighted me with your doings, and I will exult in the works of your hands.

{91:6} Quam magnificata sunt opera tua Domine! nimis profundæ factæ sunt cogitationes tuæ:
{91:6} How great are your works, O Lord! Your thoughts have been made exceedingly deep.

{91:7} Vir insipiens non cognoscet: et stultus non intelliget hæc.
{91:7} A foolish man will not know these things, and a senseless one will not understand:

{91:8} Cum exorti fuerint peccatores sicut fœnum: et apparuerint omnes, qui operantur iniquitatem: Ut intereant in sæculum sæculi:
{91:8} when sinners will have risen up like grass, and when all those who work iniquity will have appeared, that they shall pass away, age after age.

{91:9} tu autem Altissimus in æternum Domine.
{91:9} But you, O Lord, are the Most High for all eternity.

{91:10} Quoniam ecce inimici tui Domine, quoniam ecce inimici tui peribunt: et dispergentur omnes, qui operantur iniquitatem.
{91:10} For behold your enemies, O Lord, for behold your enemies will perish, and all those who work iniquity will be dispersed.

{91:11} Et exaltabitur sicut unicornis cornu meum: et senectus mea in misericordia uberi.
{91:11} And my horn will be exalted like that of the single-horned beast, and my old age will be exalted in fruitful mercy.

{91:12} Et despexit oculus meus inimicos meos: et in insurgentibus in me malignantibus audiet auris mea.
{91:12} And my eye has looked down upon my enemies, and my ear will hear of the malignant rising up against me.

{91:13} Iustus ut palma florebit: sicut cedrus Libani multiplicabitur.
{91:13} The just one will flourish like the palm tree. He will be multiplied like the cedar of Lebanon.

{91:14} Plantati in domo Domini, in atriis domus Dei nostri florebunt.
{91:14} Those planted in the house of the Lord will flourish in the courts of the house of our God.

{91:15} Adhuc multiplicabuntur in senecta uberi: et bene patientes erunt,
{91:15} They will still be multiplied in a fruitful old age, and they will endure well,

{91:16} ut annuncient: Quoniam rectus Dominus Deus noster: et non est iniquitas in eo.
{91:16} so that they may announce that the Lord our God is righteous and that there is no iniquity in him.

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