Find Confirmation Gifts Ideas Based on Catholic Faith. According to the Council of Trent, this sacrament makes us perfect Christians, hence the name perfectio. Furthermore, according to St. Thomas it also confers fulness of grace, and is therefore known to same authors as “sacramentum plenitudinis gratiae”. In Tridentine mass, the person when anointed and confirmed next receives a gentle slap on the cheek from the hand of the Bishop to make him recollect that, as a valiant combatant, he should be prepared to endure with unconquered spirit all adversities for the name of Christ. Confirmation makes the Christian a soldier, and marks him with a new character which is, as it were, the military credentials of the souls in perpetual warfare with God’s enemies. This character will remain in the life to come, “just”, says St.Thomas, “as the status of a soldier remains after the victory, to the glory of the conquerors and the shame of the conquered”.

Spiritually Meaningful Confirmation Gifts Ideas