Psalm 31: Confession. Act of Thanksgiving After Confession

Psalm 31: Confession. Act of Thanksgiving after Confession.

The joy of him whose sins have been forgiven. No sooner had David confessed his transgression than relief came from God. He exhorts the pious to seek God, with whom there is protection and rescue.

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{31:1} Ipsi David intellectus. Beati, quorum remissæ sunt iniquitates: et quorum tecta sunt peccata.
{31:1} The understanding of David himself. Blessed are they whose iniquities have been forgiven and whose sins have been covered.

{31:2} Beatus vir, cui non imputavit Dominus peccatum, nec est in spiritu eius dolus.
{31:2} Blessed is the man to whom the Lord has not imputed sin, and in whose spirit there is no deceit.

{31:3} Quoniam tacui, inveteraverunt ossa mea, dum clamarem tota die.
{31:3} Because I was silent, my bones grew old, while still I cried out all day long.

{31:4} Quoniam die ac nocte gravata est super me manus tua: conversus sum in ærumna mea, dum configitur spina.
{31:4} For, day and night, your hand was heavy upon me. I have been converted in my anguish, while still the thorn is piercing.

{31:5} Delictum meum cognitum tibi feci: et iniustitiam meam non abscondi. Dixi: Confitebor adversum me iniustitiam meam Domino: et tu remisisti impietatem peccati mei.
{31:5} I have acknowledged my offense to you, and I have not concealed my injustice. I said, “I will confess against myself, my injustice to the Lord,” and you forgave the impiety of my sin.

{31:6} Pro hac orabit ad te omnis sanctus, in tempore opportuno. Verumtamen in diluvio aquarum multarum, ad eum non approximabunt.
{31:6} For this, everyone who is holy will pray to you in due time. Yet truly, in a flood of many waters, they will not draw near to him.

{31:7} Tu es refugium meum a tribulatione, quæ circumdedit me: exultatio mea erue me a circumdantibus me.
{31:7} You are my refuge from the tribulation that has surrounded me. You are my exultation: rescue me from those who are surrounding me.

{31:8} Intellectum tibi dabo, et instruam te in via hac, qua gradieris: firmabo super te oculos meos.
{31:8} I will give you understanding, and I will instruct you in this way, in which you will walk. I will fix my eyes upon you.

{31:9} Nolite fieri sicut equus et mulus, quibus non est intellectus. In camo et freno maxillas eorum constringe, qui non approximant ad te.
{31:9} Do not become like the horse and the mule, which have no understanding. Their jaws are constrained with bit and bridle, so as not to draw near to you.

{31:10} Multa flagella peccatoris, sperantem autem in Domino misericordia circumdabit.
{31:10} Many are the scourges of the sinner, but mercy will surround him that hopes in the Lord.

{31:11} Lætamini in Domino et exultate iusti, et gloriamini omnes recti corde.
{31:11} Rejoice in the Lord and exult, you just ones, and glory, all you upright of heart.

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